Would You Pass The “Arms Length” Test?

Chris here with Patriot Privacy and the Self Reliance Institute

Would you pass the “arms length” test?

Click here to make sure.

In any survival situation if you are caught
unprepared you will quickly be left to survive
with only what is left on your person…

You don’t have the option to go out and buy all
new gear.

You need to be prepared NOW and you need to be
mobile instantly…

Would you pass the “arms length” test? Click here to find out.

Remember, we’re all in this together!
Chris Peterson

P.S. The “arms length” test pushes your EDC kit to
its limits, and is a major indicator of just how
effective your survival plan is.

Check out this one simple and discrete tool that
covers 3 different “pillars” of your survival

If you hurry, you pick up this tool for free RIGHT

Click here to grab yours.
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, privacy & government spying and encourage them to watch
our video presentation by clicking here!

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