Affiliate Offers

Here Are Some Great Christmas Offers For Our Affiliates!


American Natural SuperFood – Survival Food Offer!

American Super Food

 CPA: $15

Conversion: 8.0%

Renegade Gun Magnet- Great For Gun Lists!

Gun Magbet

 CPA: $15

Conversion: 6.8%

Renegade KnifeBelt – Perfect for Survival or Self Defense Lists!

Knife Belt

CPA: $15

Conversion: 3.6%

Renegade FlashLight Baton – Works Great To ALL Lists!
FlashLight Baton

CPA: $15

Conversion: 7.4%

Renegade Water Straw – Great Stocking Stuffer, Cheapest Straw on the Market!

Water Straw

CPA: $15

Conversion: 4.0%

Key Multitool – Great Little Gift for Anyone!

Key Multi Tool

CPA: $15

Conversion: 8.2%

Renegade Solar Charger – Our Best Seller!

Now In Stock!

Solar Batter

CPA: $15

Conversion: 7.0%

Renegade Concealed Holster -This One Converts Like CRAZY

Concealed Holster

CPA: $10

Conversion: 11.4%