Whoa! Super controversial book now free?

Please take a look at this important message from our friend Bill Bonner:

Recent news out of Washington DC and the Pentagon has outraged many Americans…


More specifically, Obama wants to embroil the country in yet another disastrous war in the Middle East.


And just this week, ex-Pentagon and CIA chief Leon Panetta said that this new war of choice will last for over thirty years.


Thirty years?!? No serious person expects that this war will turn out well for the common American…


No serious patriot wants to spend another three decades — and thousands of American lives, trillions of taxpayer dollars — fighting in that godforsaken desert.


But all of this is just the latest symptom of America’s terminal cancer…it’s the latest stage in the slow death of American Empire.


And every single American needs to prepare for the Empire’s coming fall. That’s the subject of my dad’s book, Empire of Debt.


And the situation in America today is so dire that I’d like to send you a FREE hardcover copy — all I ask is that you cover the shipping cost.


This controversial book will offend some people. It might even disgust most politicians.


But it’s message is crucial right now — because it reveals the shocking life-and-death cycle of all empires throughout human history.


What’s more, it exposes the one crucial way that the American Empire is completely different. And how this difference not only affects your lifestyle, but also your wealth.


So this message is especially important for anyone who invests or is retired.


In fact, I think the message and action plan in this book are so important that I insist on sending you a complimentary copy. (Meanwhile Amazon customers have paid as much as $27.95 for a copy. )


But you have to act right away — because our extremely limited inventory of free books is rapidly running out.


Claim your free copy here.


To your prosperity,

Will Bonner

Bonner & Partners Research


P.S. As an added free bonus, I’ve thrown in a complete roadmap that gives you a practical, step-by-step action plan to protect your family and wealth from the coming fall of the American Empire. All of the details are right here.

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