This is just awful

Just got this from a reader:

“Dear Chris,


I wanted to thank you for your post months ago on a scam that’s been happening. I’m 40 years old and was raised on a farm. I’m lucky enough to have my 93 year old grandmother as part of my life. She’s a firecracker and the whole family had wrestle the chain saw from her so that she didn’t hurt herself cutting wood for her fireplace in the winter.
Well, this week she got a call saying, “Mam, your oldest grand-daughter is in jail in California. She needs money to get out. Can you post $1000 bail?” Well, I she does have a “oldest” grand-daughter and she got very shaken up. So much so that both of my parents went out to calm her down. Luckily, I had shared this scam that you had shared on your emails with my parents and they knew what was going on and calmed my grandmother down.
Later that week, (they all live in a small rural down in Eastern Colorado) my parents were talking about this with a local banker. He said that the same thing happened to someone else in this town. The lady had wired $500 and was in the process of wiring another $1500 when the banker caught wind of it and stopped her wire from going out until he verified where it was going.
Anyways, I again wanted to THANK YOU for updates. They are protecting so many Americans!
– Charles S.”Please protect yourself folks, and maybe most importantly pass this along to the people in your life that might get caught up in this horrible scam!

Chris Peterson

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