The “Target Obliteration” Method!

Ultimately, “Privacy” is self-defense!

Privacy is defending your self against the prying eyes and reach of those looking to do you harm.

I also want you to know the very best way to defend yourself from a physical attack.

Most of us don’t have time to study at a dojo for years to get a Black Belt or wear camo and train on a mountain-top somewhere.

Fortunately, my friend Scott Bolan can show you how to stop a bigger, stronger attacker COLD in just a few

For example, check out Scott’s amazingly powerful
 and practical “Target Obliteration Method” –

1. Get Kissing Close: In a lethal street attack, you 
either want to be miles away, or be “kissing close” – close enough to destroy the attacker with head-butts, knees to the groin, and a barrage of smashes to the face and throat.

2. Aim Hard (smash THROUGH the target): Don’t smash the nose, smash through the nose to the back of the attacker’s head. The “aim hard” principle multiplies your force!

3. Relinquish Attachment to The Outcome: This is the 
secret “Fear-Destroyer”! When you’re too attached to
 not getting hurt, it hinders your free movement. But the moment you relinquish your attachment to the outcome, you are free to move with tactical defensive aggression, rather than fear and hesitation (which can cost you your life in a fight!)

As you can see, mastering “combat” is more than kicks and punches.

Scott’s a master at this stuff and makes it easy for you to learn in his “Complete Combat” collection. Normally it’s 97.00, but for the next 4 days he’s giving us a 50.00 discount!

You get all 4 DVDs for only 47.00 bucks! (That’s over half-off!)

And, the first 30 people to order get these Free Bonus CDs:

1. Conquering Fear
2. Preparing the Mind for Battle
3. Mental Mastery and Tactical Awareness Secrets
4. How To Tell If Someone Is Lying

>> Go Here << to check it out now and you’ll see why
I’m a big fan of Scott’s realistic approach

Yours in Privacy and Freedom,
Chris Peterson

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