The NSA’s new ‘rules’

Obama and the NSA must think we’re pretty gullible.

Last week President Obama announced some ‘new rules’ and ‘sweeping changes’ regarding collecting private communications from Americans.  Here’s what they’re telling us now:

  • The NSA will no longer store personal phone records – but they WILL keep analyzing them
  • The bulk of emails and online communications they collect will be from computers outside the US
  • He called for creation of a panel of advocates to represent privacy and civil liberty concerns before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that oversees the spy programs
  • The spying programs are mostly staying intact otherwise
So what did he actually DO?!  Basically he’s creating a committee, another layer of bureaucracy, to watch the NSA to make sure they don’t trample on our rights TOO MUCH.

Considering we wouldn’t even know about this program without the heroic work of whistleblowers like edward Snowden, how much can we trust these statements?

Do you really believe some government subcommittee is going to watch our backs?

Stay diligent my friends, this hasn’t really changed anything….

Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
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Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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