The Most Important Step for Survival

Rob here with Patriot Privacy and the Self-Reliance Institute.

Like many of you, I watched with amusement as the “Blizzard of 2015” was hyped by CNN and other news organizations only to turn into one big dud of a snowstorm for all but a few areas.

As it turns out, the impact of the so-called blizzard was far less than the weather “experts” predicted and most of the precautions ordered by mayors and governors for cities and states in the Northeast were unnecessary and bordered on decisions made out of hysteria and panic.

In fact, I’ll bet more economic harm was done by the forced closure of roads, highways, tunnels, bridges, airports, schools, and businesses than by the winter storm itself.

I say that as someone who lives at 8,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains where we get six to seven months of snow each year – yet no school in our county has ever been closed due to snow.

So, I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a weather snob. (I say that with a smile on my face – as I love winter storms)

More accurately, I am extremely proud of the hardiness of my neighbors and how they prepare for our long, cold, snowy winters.

And yes, like so many things in life, preparation is the key.

Last night – as I watched the familiar scenes on television of people who are unprepared to live more than one day on their own lined up in grocery stores buying “milk and bread” – I thought about what’s the most important step you can teach someone about being prepared to survive a disaster.

And it suddenly hit me.

It’s not a food item that they must purchase – although there are several I’d recommend.

It’s not a survival tool they should buy – although there are many that come to mind.

It’s not a skill that every survivalist must learn – although there are skills that can save your life.

No, the most important step when it comes to being prepared to survive almost any disaster – natural or manmade – is the first step.

The first step is to take immediate action. To stop procrastinating. To get up off the couch and start acting like tomorrow is the day you will have to be prepared to live for an extended period of time with no help from the outside world.

I can’t tell you how many people I speak with who understand they need to begin preparing in case an emergency arises that interrupts the delivery of food, water, electricity, sanitation, and medical care – yet they haven’t done a thing other than think about it.

Is there a shortcut to taking the first step?

I think so.

I think the Self-Reliance Institutewhere I send out weekly advisories on a variety of ways that individuals and families can learn to become more self-sufficient – is a great starting point. And, if you join the Self-Reliance Institute today, you’ll receive a free Special Forces Survival Knife and a free month of membership in the Institute.

And, most important from a value perspective, all of the accumulated eBooks, Advisories, Newsletters and other resources that Chris Peterson and I have produced and acquired since the inception of the Institute are immediately yours for free if you become a member. It’s a huge collection of exclusive material and it grows every week.

But here’s the thing.

While I hope you’ll join the Self-Reliance Institute, what I really want you to do is never be one of those people who has to stand in line in a grocery store for your “milk and bread” because the government is ordering people to stay off the roads and ordering businesses to close.

And that means taking the most important step for survival – the first step. The first step of making a plan and gathering everything you’ll need to live on your own for weeks or even months.

By the way, have you noticed that government officials – city, county, state and federal – have begun to close roads and businesses for even minor reasons? Reasons that even a few years ago would not have resulted in government ordered closures.

Did you notice yesterday that based on nothing more than the prediction of a snowstorm, mayors and governors were threatening that citizens would be arrested for driving a car after a government mandated time.

Do you think that those same governments will hesitate one second to implement even more draconian laws in the case of a true emergency or disaster?

OK. If you’re prepared or close to being prepared, please share this with a friend or loved one who is not.

And remember, you can join the Self-Reliance Institute right now and receive a free Special Forces Survival Knife and a free month of membership in the Institute.

Any questions or thoughts? Email me at [email protected]

Be safe, secure and free!

Rob Douglas – Former Washington DC Private Detective

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