The Dangerous Anti-Police Movement

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

We’ve all been seeing the ongoing riots that were sparked by the unjustified death of George Floyd. Regardless of what sort of person he was, his death and how it came about wasn’t right. I don’t think there’s anyone arguing that.

But the real issue now isn’t that George Floyd was killed; it’s everything that has happened since then. It has been over 100 days since Floyd’s death and rioting is still underway. Somehow, Portland has become one of the epicenters for this rioting, centered around the federal courthouse. Even though the rioters blamed the attacks on the presence of federal marshals, withdrawing those marshals and turning the defense of the courthouse over to state police hasn’t stopped the attacks.

Such attacks are always destructive to the communities they happen in. Yet the mayors of some of these cities are allowing the riots to continue. At the same time, some of them are reaching out to the federal government, expecting the feds to bail them out financially for the damage that they are allowing to occur.

At the same time, the city councils of many of the cities seeing the worst violence are actively seeking to defund their police departments. This is supposedly being driven by Black Lives Matter as something the black community wants. But there are many blacks who have come out publically saying that they don’t want the police defunded because they and their families are the ones who will suffer if that happens.

Recent figures from the FBI show an increase in numbers of blacks, both men and women, who are buying firearms, many of them for the first time. These are law-abiding citizens, who recognize the threat to themselves caused by the anti-police movement. I have seen no demographic information to go with that report, but it is possible that these people live in areas where they feel the crime rate will increase, if the police aren’t given the funding and government support they need.

The police chief of Seattle, Washington, a black woman, just recently resigned from her position, due to the restrictions that the city council and the mayor are putting on the police, preventing them from doing their jobs. Remember, this is the city whose mayor ordered the police to abandon one of their precincts, turning it over to CHAZ. I imagine that was pretty frustrating for the police.

Elsewhere in the nation, police are resigning in much larger than normal amounts. Many of them are just plain fed up with the lack of support from their communities and from the political leaders who are supposed to have their backs. It may not be hard for some of those communities to defund the police, when there aren’t all that many police to pay.

At the same time as all this, district attorneys are refusing to prosecute rioters for their criminal actions. They are literally allowing the mob to do what it wants, without repercussion. Some local politicians are going so far as to cheer on the rioters and the looters, apparently backing what they are doing.

So what does this mean for you and me?

It means that the dangerous world we live in has just gotten a little bit more dangerous. When we can’t count on the police to protect us from criminals, we have to take things into our own hands, protecting ourselves and our families.

We’re going to have to be careful about this. The whole nation has seen what has happened to the McCloskeys, when they stood outside their home, armed and ready to defend themselves. That was in a state that has codified the castle doctrine into law. While that story is not over yet, they have been charged with trumped-up crimes, in which the DA had to tamper with the evidence in order to charge them.

It appears that the very same cities which are clamoring to defund the police are also the ones which are strongly anti-gun. So the very same people who are going to have a greater need to defend themselves, because of a reduction in police protection. We will have to be extremely careful in the use of firearms, especially in those states.

The key is to ensure that we never cross the line in any way, where anyone can interpret our actions as being aggressive. Brandishing a firearm is still illegal and threatening with one is an even more serious crime.

This is where the McCloskeys made their mistake. She is seen in photographs and video pointing her (unloaded and disabled) pistol at the crowd. Apparently he didn’t. But that’s what the DA is using against them, charging them with brandishing a firearm. He’s apparently included in the charge, since he was carrying an AR-15 at the same time.

Let me go back to the unloaded and disabled point for a moment. The pistol she was carrying had been disabled by the McCloskeys for use as a prop in the courtroom (they are both lawyers). Because of that, it didn’t meet the legal criteria for brandishing a firearm. So the DA who is charging them had the pistol disassembled and reassemble by the ballistics experts who found that it was disabled. This is how far the opposition is going to go, in order to try and take our rights to self-defense away from us. That’s why we need to be extra-careful in obeying the law.

I don’t know about you, but I’m buying a bodycam, which I will be wearing whenever I’m out in public. That way, I’ll have video evidence of what I do and especially of the actions of others, before I draw my gun. That will give my lawyer (paid for by my concealed carry legal insurance), some good evidence to use in my defense.

That bodycam is just one more survival tool, much like keeping my powder dry and the rest of my survival gear close at hand.

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