The Best Personal Protection Device When You Don’t Want To Carry a Gun

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

I don’t know about you, but I carry concealed. I’ve done so for several years now, ever since my state became a “shall issue” state. But I also recognize that there may be times when a gun isn’t going to save my life. I may not be in a place where I can legally carry a gun or I may be in a situation where there are so many people, that it’s not wise to use one. Therefore, I don’t just depend upon my gun for my protection.


The question then becomes, what should one use in those times? The obvious answer would be to use a knife… but I’m not so sure. You see, knives are tricky weapons to use. If you really know how to use them, that’s one thing; but if you don’t, all that’s going to happen is that you get hurt.

That’s why I settled on pepper spray. Now, I have to say that pepper spray isn’t the ideal weapon for all circumstance. But when you’re up close and personal, it can incapacitate an attacker long enough for you to get away or to truss them up for the police to come and collect.

The trick to using pepper spray is stealth. If the attacker knows you’ve got it, they can take action to incapacitate you or to block your ability to spray them in the face. They can even take it away from you if they are stronger than you. So you can’t let them know you have it; it has to catch them by surprise. One shot by surprise will do what you need, but 10 shots when they are expecting them, may not do anything.


There are a couple of keys to picking out the pepper spray that you use. First of all, you want the strongest stuff you can find. After all, if you’re going to spray them, you want it to work and work fast. There are even some pepper sprays out there that have a small amount of CS gas in them. Those are great, because the pepper spray hits quickly and the CS makes it last longer.

The other thing you want is a pepper spray container that will shoot farther than three feet. There are a few on the market which will actually shoot as far as 20 feet. That gives you a real advantage, as you can hit the attacker before they can close with you. Otherwise, you have to wait until they are so close that there’s a risk of them hitting you.

Manufacturers tell you to hit the attacker with a shot of pepper spray in the upper chest, so that they breathe it in. Their main concern in this is to have the spay work to incapacitate the attacker, while eliminating the risk of causing any serious harm. Pepper spray in the eyes, for example, can cause permanent damage in some cases. Of course, so can stabbing you in the chest with a knife, so you’ll have to judge whether the risk to you is high enough to shoot them in the face, of if hitting them in the chest will be enough.

Some people have tried substitutes for pepper spray with some success. The two that I know of are bear spray and wasp spray. Bear spray is essentially a stronger pepper/CS mixture. Both have a 20 foot range and both are rather powerful. While they don’t react quite as quickly as pepper spray does, they are reputed to be able to take down a man in a matter of seconds. So, if you can’t carry pepper spray into an area, due to local laws, there’s probably nothing that says you can’t carry wasp spray with you.

Wasp spray, like most insecticides, is actually a nerve poison. As such, the long-term effects on humans are a bit inconsistent. You may just incapacitate them temporarily, without any permanent damage or you might just manage to make them blind in one eye. There’s no way of knowing.

That’s the risk in using these alternates. Once again, you have to weigh the risks of using them against the risks of what they can do to you. Remember, they’re the attacker and you’re just defending yourself. Just like using a pistol, there is a risk of killing people. But that’s not your fault, regardless of what a prosecuting attorney says. They created the situation where you had to defend yourself. It’s not your fault that the only weapon you had at hand was wasp spray. Actually, you can say that at least you didn’t shoot them.

Learning what alternate weapons are available for you to use and preparing yourself to use them is just as important as learning how to shoot quickly and accurately. Having an assortment of weapons you can choose from ensures that you are ready, even when you can’t use your gun. When it comes to taking care of your family and protecting them from harm, that’s important. Who would want to allow their wife or daughter to get raped, just because tehy didn’t have their weapon of choice at hand?

So, grab some pepper spray and maybe even some wasp spray and keep it at hand. Practice maneuvers for how you would use it stealthily. That way, should you need it, you’ll be ready to go.

See you soon. Until then, keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

Chris and Dr. Rich

PS: If you are interested in getting a concealed carry gun and permit, but don’t know where to start, click here.


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