The 2nd Amendment

Rob Douglas, our privacy and security consultant, often gets emails and comments about gun ownership in our Self-Reliance Institute.

He got one in particular a couple weeks ago that I thought you would enjoy reading.  The reader, who signed off as LS, in part had this to say:

“The bottom line for anyone who really wants to interpret the 2nd Amendment, is that any conditions other than some connection to “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to a free State” (Italics mine) would seem to restrict, if not to eliminate, the “right to bear arms.”

As you might guess, I disagree with LS.  But I think its important to be able to respond to this kind of reasoning.

I’d like to read his email in full, and Rob’s reasoned and poignant response right here:

Interpreting the 2nd Amendment

As always, leave a comment or reply to this email to let me know what YOU think…

Chris, Patriot Privacy

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