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If you were forced to evacuate your home in a disaster and all you had was a “go-bag” loaded with your survival items, what would be the best food to pack?

* Canned baked beans
* Meals-Ready-To-Eat (MRE’s)
* Ramen Noodles

Make your choice in this cool “video quiz” a friend of mine just filmed…


This video gives YOU a chance to voice your opinion…and then watch as he reveals a short eye-opening analysis of “bug-out food” that may shock you.
This video really gets to the heart of the matter and covers an area that even some “experts” don’t consider in their survival plan.

I know you’re going to love it!

Chris Peterson, Privacy and Survival Guy

P.S. – Don’t get upset if your answer isn’t the same as in the video. There really is no “wrong” answer… but there certainly is a “BEST” answer and it’s all revealed after you make your choice inside this video lesson… ==> Click here for the quiz and answer video.

The lesson you’ll learn could very well save your life if you and those you protect are forced to evacuate your home in a disaster.

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