‘Suspicious’ email

I thought you would be interested in a recent scam email that caught my attention just last week.

This found its way to my inbox, which is remarkable because as you know I am largely ‘off the grid’.

This is the email:

Subject Line: Credit Card- Suspicious Recent Transactions
From: Marquita Solis <[email protected]>

“Dear credit card holder, 

A recent review of your transaction history determined that your card was used in possible fraudulent transactions. For security reasons the requested transactions were refused. Please carefully review electronic report for your card. 

For more details please see the attached transaction report. 

Data Protection Officer 
1 Sheldon Square 
New York W2 6WH 
(516)421-2535 ”

We all get emails that are very clearly scams, but this one was different.  For once the English and grammar wasn’t so awful that I couldn’t read it.  The message was something very similar to what you would get from your credit card company if you were a fraud vicitim.

There was an attachment, and its chock full of viruses and keystroke recorders that would destroy and hold my computer hostage.

It may be obvious to you and I that this is a fake.  But there is probably someone in your family isn’t as savvy.  I would encourage you to pass along this message to those folks and tell them to make note:

  • Your credit card company will almost always call you in the event of fraud
  • There is no credit card company that uses the 2pain.com email domain
  • W2 6WH is very clearly NOT a US zip code
  • The most common New York City area code is 212 NOT 516
Simply Googling the address reveals this:

Credit Card- Suspicious Recent Transactions – fake PDF malware

So please, even if this is obvious to you, pass this along to your friends and family so that they don’t fall vicitm to this vicious scam.

Looking out for you,
Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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