[Survey Results] The people have spoken!

WOW!  We had over 1000 responses to our annual reader survey!  In fact it was so helpful we have ONE more we’d love for you to do.  My team and I did some brainstorming on new subjects and would love to see which books resonate with you.

But first, I figured you’d like to see the results for yourself.  Here’s what we found:

1. What concerns you the most?

  • Privacy & Security 20%
  • Survival/Preparedness 19%
  • Self Defense 14%
  • Gun Related 14%
  • Growing or Storing Food 14%
  • Precious Metals 9%
  • Investing & Making Money 8%
2.  What would you like to learn more about?

  • Privacy & Security 20%
  • Survival/Preparedness 20%
  • Growing or Storing Food 15%
  • Self Defense 14%
  • Gun Related 13%
  • Investing & Making Money 8%
  • Precious Metals 6%
3. Are you interested in investing and financial advice?

  • Precious Metals Investing and Storage 20%
  • Bitcoin and Underground Currencies 19%
  • Making Money Collecting and Trading Valuables 14%
  • Offshoring Money, Investing Overseas 13%
  • Investing in Traditional Stocks and Bonds 10%
  • Real Estate (Investing In Rentals) 7%
  • Local Angel Investing and Investing in Startups 4%
  • Local Peer to Peer Lending 4%
  • Real Estate (Lending money to investors for good returns) 3%
4. I’m thinking of creating a Newsletter called ‘Off Grid Wealth’
  • Neutral – only interested if its free 37%
  • Mildly interested – probably subscribe and try it 35%
  • Very interested – I would definitely subscribe 23%
  • Not interested at all, bad idea  4%

So, we can see that privacy, security, and survival are REALLY important to you!  So we’ve come up with some concepts that we think you might like.  Would you mind taking our new survey – it takes 30 seconds!

link to the new survey!

As always, thanks for being here…
Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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