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My friend and fellow patriot Scott Bolan has just released an amazing collection of fighting secrets spanning 10 years called “Complete Combat”

It’s great stuff!

Scott is a firm believer in “ending it quickly”, especially if your attacker is larger, stronger, younger, or more experienced.

When he told me this over the phone – I wrote it down at once, and then it was ingrained so well I never forgot it.

Scott said, “Target “BENT”! – that means Balls,Eyes, Nose, and Throat.

“Every single attacker, no matter how Big, Large, Mean, or Strong, is vulnerable in at least one of those areas.

“They are all Crucially Painful and Devastating Targets, and they all have potential for permanent damage.

“Two are also LETHAL self-defense Strikes – the throat being the first and foremost, and the nose as well.

“If your life is on the line and you target all four -as fast and hard as you can with MULTIPLE STRIKES, you only need to be successful with one solid shot to stop an attacker cold!”

Scott is really telling it like it is here and I couldn’t agree more.

Check out this video of the “egg-breaker” where Scott demonstrates how to smash an attackers throat and break his head open in about 3 seconds!

Just don’t wait.

Scott is giving us an over-half-off discount and a huge pack of Free Bonuses, but only for the next 48 hours.

Yours in Freedom, Chris Peterson

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