Sovereign Man 1 – The Offshore Answer – WARNING This Is Controversial

Chris here with Patriot Privacy and the Self Reliance Institute,

I wanted to give you an exclusive resource today that we have never offered before, and probably never will again.  But I’m pretty sure its going to piss a lot of you off.

Like you, I consider myself a True Patriot.  But the reality is that in these uncertain times, we need to diversify our holdings, spread our risk, and look at ‘outside the box’ options for protecting and ultimately growing our wealth.

You can do that with our friend Simon Black, the Sovereign Man, but he doesn’t allow just anyone into his program.  He hand selected us, folks that enjoyed the Patriot Privacy Kit and the Self Reliance Institute, access to his programs because he knows that we of the same mind.WE ALL KNOW THAT THE FIAT CURRENCY OF OUR GREAT COUNTRY, AND THE FINANCIAL UNDERPINNINGS OF THE ENTIRE ECONOMY, ARE ON EXTREMELY SHAKY GROUND.  

We can all do our part to bolster our own economy and currency of this country.  But the fact of the matter is that most of those forces are beyond our control.


This controversial program will help you do just that.  Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn in this program:

  • Peace of mind by knowing that your money will be secure in one of the safest banks in the world, so that no matter what crazy thing happens with Western governments you will be OK
  • Vetted advice on the best possible precious metals storage option abroad, so that you can sleep well at night knowing your gold is safe
  • First-hand information on how to establish a second residency abroad in a thriving economy, straight from one of the most prominent attorneys in the country, so that if push comes to shove you know exactly where to go, and even how to gain a second passport
  • The insight to start taking massive action from home immediately and absorb all the wisdom shared by Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Jim Rickards, and Nigel Farage who shared the stage at the Sovereign Man event in Chile, so that at the next cocktail party you’re the one everyone wants to talk to

I am a proud member of this group and I think you should be too.  It is, and I’m not trying to stir the pot here, your duty as a freedom loving American to do everything in your power to survive and thrive.  And that means you need to have the financial means to do so.

I believe this program will do that, and I hope that you’ll join me inside.

Your searchlight in the darkness,
Chris Peterson

PS: Simon has allowed us access to this program this weekend only.  He’s going to close it down again Sunday Night.  Take a look at the materials, decide if its for you or not (no skin off my nose) but do it before Sunday night January 4th, 2015.

Make 2015 the year you finally put the ‘independence’ back in financial independence.

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