Preppers playbook 2 – Get off the fence!

I just got word from ‘Above Average’ Joe over at Survival Life that he is closing down his ‘Prepper’s Playbook’ offer this (Sunday) at midnight!

Click here for the plan

This report is the most comprehensive survival checklist out there, but he is a firm believer that preparing can not be put off until tomorrow.

Chances are, if you don’t start today you never will.

That is why he is closing down his offer, and encouraging you to hop off the fence and take action!
Click here to get your copy now before it’s too late.

Odds are, if you are reading this you have already started living a preparedness lifestyle. But I don’t care who you are or how long you have been preparing, you WILL forget something.
This report was created from years of research and is designed to ensure you are completely prepared and haven’t left anything essential out of your plans. It’s contains:

-25+ checklists that you can print, check off, scrap and repeat as much as you want
-A rundown of the basic and bare minimum skills you should learn and perfect
-How break out of the “me against the world” mentality as well as how to deal with others when rebuilding after a crisis
-A self assessment check, so you know exactly where you stand in your preparedness planning

Not only that, but the price is only $7, so that anyone can afford it!

Don’t put this off any longer. Here is your last-chance link:

Prepper’s Playbook

Chris Peterson

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