More Important than the Supposed Muslim Ban

I don’t know about you, but I’m kind of enjoying watching Trump’s “shock and awe” strategy here in his first 100 days n office. It’s clear that the shock part is working, as he’s managing to keep liberals in a constant state of panic. One of these days they’ll probably come to grips with their loss, but at the moment, it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.

The big blowup this week was about the supposed Muslim ban. I say “supposed” because there really wasn’t any Muslim ban at all. The word “Muslim” wasn’t in the executive order at all. Rather, what Trump did was ban any travel from seven countries. That’s not an unprecedented action for a US president to make. In fact, all six of his predecessors did the same thing, at one time or another. Obama did it to one of the same nations that Trump did.

There’s been a law on the books since 1952, which specifically gives the president the authority to ban travel from countries or from people groups who are a threat to the United States of America. Since the countries he banned are the top terrorist exporting organizations in the world, I’d say that his ban meets the letter and intent of that law, quite clearly.

But while the media has been blowing up about that, and George Soros’ paid goons have been staging “spontaneous” demonstrations in airports across the country, Trump slipped through two executive actions that could ultimately have more of an effect on the country than just about anything else he could do. Apparently, he’s still manipulating the media with the “outrageousness” of his actions, getting them to look right where he wants, so that he can slip other things right past their noses.

One of those executive actions was an order to the bureaucrats in the executive branch of the government, stating that every new regulation written had to do away with two old ones. While that may not seem like much, considering that the bureaucratic mind would just put two regulations together to make one longer and wider sweeping one, such an action won’t pass muster. The order, as it is written, also talks about the overall cost of compliance having to equal or be less than the two eliminated regulations. So, they can’t play games on that one.

This is an important step in reducing the massive overregulation that Obama’s administration promulgated over the last eight years. And it seems that Congress is on board with him too, as Congress is using their right of Congressional Review to repeal five major regulations from Obama’s administration… and that’s just this week.

The other major directive that Trump signed deals with immigration, but not immigration from Muslim controlled countries. Rather, it deals with the H-1b visa program. Under that program, companies are allowed to sponsor immigration of employees they hire from outside the country, when the skills those people have are critical to the country’s operations.

But… and again I say but… several major companies have been abusing this program, hiring foreigners to fill their rolls, instead of hiring American workers. In some cases, the displaced American workers were required to train their foreign replacements, or risks losing any severance pay.

In other words, these countries aren’t hiring people they need, because they can’t find American workers with the skills; they’re firing American workers, so that they can hire cheaper foreign ones. That’s not the intent of the H-1b visa program and Trump is making sure that it goes back to being used as it was intended to be used.

According to his directive, The Department of State is required to verify that companies must give preference to American workers, over foreign workers. He’s tightening the screws on the H-1b program. It will still be in place, but apparently companies will have to prove their need to hire those foreign workers, before they can do so.

That’s going to make a huge difference for thousands of American workers, allowing them to take positions which have been being stolen for them. This one move is a major step in the right direction toward reducing unemployment and giving Americans jobs.

Trump has said that he wants to be a president for the working American. Looking at these two major actions, I’d have to say that he’s heading in that direction. He’s making American businesses stronger, helping them to make a profit and helping American workers get back to work. Regardless of what else he does, and how much liberals complain about it, this is a worthy goal for any president to undertake.

So, I’ll have to say; things are looking up. It’s not going to stop terrorists and it’s not going to eliminate any natural disasters. But working people have a much better chance of being able to prepare for those disasters, than those who are out of work. Why can’t people on the left understand that?

But they don’t. Some are calling for protests the next four or eight years. Others are calling for killing anyone who voted for Trump. I guess there is no depth too low for liberals to dip down to. All the more reason to keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

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