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A reader sent this along, its a secure email and communications service that sounds promising.

It has a Kickstarter campaign, which if you’re not familiar is a crowdsourcing platform for fundraising.  Small companies use it to raise money so that they can develop new products.

Here’s what Privus claims to do:

  • It’s completely secure against any individual, corporate or government intrusion.
  • It’s as easy to use as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other email service.
  • You can keep using any email address you want.
  • You can use it from any location and on any device you want.
  • You can send and receive to and from any email address you want.
  • You can filter out as much SPAM and junk mail as you want.
  • We don’t scan your open messages.
  • We can’t see your encrypted messages.
  • We don’t sell your meta data when you show it and we give you a way to hide it.
Check it out for yourself.  I think those concerned with keeping communications private would benefit from this.  You get to keep your email address and phone number, it just makes encryption easier.Check it out and let me know what you think.

Chris Peterson, the Privacy Guy

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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