How to order goods on the internet anonymously

A recent JJ Luna email reminded me of something we put in the book.

If you haven’t read JJ’s stuff, its really good and worth your while.  He specializes in helping people becoming invisible, go check out

Anyway, he outlined a way for you order things online and get them delivered without ever giving our your real address.  You can see a web version of that email here:

But it won’t work if use a credit card.  How can you use a fake address with a credit card?

Try the ‘credit card head fake’ we put in our book.  Here’s something that credit card companies will never tell you.  These are the ONLY THINGS THEY CHECK FOR WHEN RUNNING AN INTERNET TRANSACTION:
– street number match
– zip code match
– credit card number, expiration date, and security code

That’s it.  Nothing else.  Seriously.  I know this because I verified it with the company that does our transactions online.

Notice what’s not on there?  Your name, your street name, and your town.

Crazy right?  So if you can take a delivery somewhere else (say a friend with a business) you could actually save on shipping costs AND keep your location anonymous.  Just enter your friend’s information for the shipping address, your actual street number, zip code, and credit card info along with fake name, street name, and city for the billing info and it would very hard for anyone other than your card company to know that you ordered something from that merchant.

Looking out for you….

Chris Peterson, Privacy Guy

PS: This is just one of about 200 tips, tricks, and warnings we have in our Patriot Privacy Kit.  Will you do me a favor and forward this to a friend so they can get it and start protecting themselves right now?

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