Home invasions!

Did you know that you’re 8 times more likely to be the victim of    
a violent home invasion than you are to have your house catch on    

A home invasion is when intruders enter your home forcefully. 
While a common burglar will break into your home while you’re not    
there in order to escape detection, home invaders are NOT just    
after your T.V.! 

They’re looking for the thrill of violence!

They will be armed… vicious… and once they’ve forced their    
way into your home, you can expect the worst! 
In fact, it’s not uncommon for home invaders to “occupy” a home    
(sometimes for days) and tie up your family as hostages. 

From that point on, your imagination can tell you what    
brutalities are possible, but a U.S. Dept. of Justice report    
estimates that 38% of assaults and 60% of rapes occur during home    

Preparing for this type of horrific event is about more than just    
making sure you have an alarm installed. 

You have to be prepared to answer questions like… 
  *  How should you react if a loved one is taken hostage? 
  *  What if you were taken by surprise and handcuffed to a    
  *  How can you set up a “safe room” in your home? 
  *  What if you can’t get to your firearm (or don’t own one)? 
  *  What if the police weren’t notified and no one knows you’ve    
     been tied up for days while your family suffers? 

Don’t worry if you don’t have answers to these questions right   

Most people don’t (even most gun owners and security experts). 

But no matter what level of preparedness you’re at right now,    
these ARE questions you must get answers to right away in order    
to fully protect your family should you ever be faced with an    
attacker (or a group of attackers) in your home. 

Here’s the best survival training vs. a violent home invasion… 

It covers all of the sneaky tactics you need to turn the tables   
on your attacker(s) and make THEM the victims. 

But I have to warn you…

This program will force you to face some hard facts about the   
threat you face from a home invasion. 

It’s NOT for the weak-minded or ill-prepared.

You’ll have to face real life-or-death scenarios and, most   
importantly, TAKE ACTION on filling in the gaps in your survival    

They’re easy fixes…but ones that most people wouldn’t even   
think about. 

>>>>Here’s your step-by-step survival blueprint<<<<

Good news…

This week only, you can get the home invasion DVD free   
as part of the best-selling “Home Defense Tactics” program   
(that’s already loaded with other bonuses). 
  *  “Home Defense Tactics” manual shipped to your door    
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Every responsible home owner and “family man/woman” needs this   
guide to prepare now! 

Chris Peterson

P.S. – Don’t fall into this common trap… 
You DON’T need to live in a high crime area to experience a home    

Stories of home invaders attacking in rural areas and suburbs are    
a lot more common than you may think. 
NOW is the time to prepare to defend yourself and your loved ones    
in the case of a violent home invasion. 
Here’s what you need to prepare… 

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