The ‘Grandma’ Scam

Hopefully you’ve been following our scam series closely.  We’ve really got some doozies so far, but this one really disturbed me.

So many scammers play on emotion to get what they want, and this one is a heartbreaker.  They target the elderly and pretend to be a grandson or granddaughter in trouble.  They’ll pretend that they are in the hospital, jail, or a victim of a robbery in far away place and need money wired immediately.

I iniitially dismissed this scam because I thought 99% of people would be to smart to fall for it.  But then more and more people emailed me about it.  And half of those people knew someone that had fallen for it.  Therefore, I thought we should get the word out.  

I realize you’re too savvy to fall for something so obvious. But I bet you know several people that aren’t, probably elderly, gullible or just incredibly kind-hearted.  Please talk to them about things like this.

  • Tell them not to trust anyone that calls them asking for money.
  • Remind them banks and credit card companies will never call you and ask for your personal information over the phone.
  • If there is ever any doubt that they are talking to someone that should supposedlly trust on the phone, hang up the number they have for that person or business, and call a friend or family member for help.

And, if your so inclined, tell your friends about our Patriot Privacy Book.  If they follow the steps in our book these crooks would likely never even be able to find them.

I know that many of these folks are short on cash and probably not tech savvy.  So, just for this weekend, I am putting our Platinum Package (the hard copy books) on sale for just $37.

Please consider picking up a copy for a friend or family member.  Thanks for being here…

Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
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Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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