Bonner Dec 14 – Can I rush you a complimentary copy of my dad’s new book?

Chris here with Patriot Privacy and the Self Reliance Institute, please read this important message from our friends and Bonner & Partners.

Dear reader,


My dad, Agora founder Bill Bonner, just finished his latest — and most controversial — book.


The book reveals a stunning secret that can help you do absolutely everything better.


From becoming a better investor, spouse, friend, businessman, neighbor and citizen…the book delivers it all in clear, entertaining language.


And this secret’s tested — because at least 50 folks my dad has shared it with have become self-made millionaires. Happy and fulfilled ones, at that.


The book reveals the one thing that you can use to do everything better. It’s awful simple, all it takes is a little understanding and effort. ( Hint: you won’t hear about this anywhere else… )


As you might imagine, this controversial book is in high demand. In fact, we recently sold out of the first printing and had to quickly print some more…


But the bright part is, I’d like to send you a free copy so you can try this secret out for yourself. All I ask is that you cover the minimal shipping cost.



There’s also a bundle of other useful and intriguing information included. But this is an extremely limited-time things, since we only have a few thousand books available. ( And at least 100,000 interested readers will see this. )



To your wealth and well-being,


Will Bonner,


Bonner & Partners

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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