Being attacked? Why pepper spray can get you killed…

Chris here with Patriot Privacy and the Self Reliance Institute

Most people believe that criminals think like us.  They don’t.


Because of THIS, a highly trained law enforcement officer, nearly got

himself killed… because he believed that a full shot of pepper spray would

cause enough pain to stop anyone dead in their tracks.


>>>Here’s the outrageous video<<< that will make you

think twice if you are one of those people who believes in

that myth:


>>Click Here To View The Short Story


Even though a full shot of industrial strength pepper spray into the attackers

face can buy you some time… during real-life crunch time… when push comes the shove

even the “military ONLY” types of pepper spray…can give you a false sense of security.


Instead, There Are Simple Tricks that ANYONE can take and learn quickly…even

elders, or disabled people… that gives you as much close-range lethal

force as any pepper spray.


Not only that, all you need is your bare hands.


>>>Check It Out Here


It will FOREVER change the way you look at personal protection.


Yours in security,
Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO  80487

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