Auto Income Coach 1 – Get a behind the scenes tour (this is a little outside our wheelhouse)

I know we talk about preparedness and security a lot around here, but people ask me about making money a lot.  Making money ‘off the grid’ and
controlling your own income and financial futureis critical to true freedom.  So I am going to be talking about how I make money over the next couple days.

What you are about to read is what I did, I created an online business and said goodbye to the rat race and ‘the man’ forever….

I want to introduce you to my friend Kevin because he’s agreed to take you on a guided behind-the-scenes tour of the automated business that’s been putting more than $10,000.00 a month into his bank account every month since the year 2000… even to this very day.

Let me explain why this is such a BIG deal.

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I know, I know…

This isn’t the kind of email you normally see from me.

I’ve never talked to you about how to have an online business of your own, or how to make a huge income for yourself using the internet.

But let me tie all this together by pointing out the obvious fact that I also own an extremely successful online business.

That’s why you and I are communicating right now. The only challenge is, my focus isn’t on showing others how to do what I’ve done.

Kevin, on the other hand is absolutely brilliant at showing you how to have a massively profitable automated business… just like the ones we have.

That’s his passion, he LOVES it… and here’s why:  As a boy, Kevin’s father always told him, “The harder you work, the more successful you’ll be”, and for much of his life he believed those words.


His father’s advice even compelled him to work for 7 years as an Alaska Deadliest Catch Fisherman… where he put his life on the line for his paycheck… every single day.


You may have seen that hit television show, “The Deadliest Catch.”


For seven long years, that’s exactly how my friend Kevin lived his life, and there were quite a few times when he wondered if he’d even make it through the day.



One night his crew found themselves in the worst storm they’d ever seen, and he almost lost his life when he was thrown across the boat like a toothpick by a HUGE rogue wave.


Had that wave thrown him a couple inches higher… it would’ve tossed him right over the railing of his boat, into the freezing temperatures of the Bering Sea… and he would have died right then and there.


That’s when Kevin decided it was time to make a change.

He knew there had to be a better way to make money…

WITHOUT working so hard…

WITHOUT putting his life on the line for a paycheck.


In the year 2000 he discovered an automated system for

making money, and in the process proved his father wrong. Since then, he’s quietly used this system to put $10,000+ a month into his bank account… month after month, year after year to this very day… even during a time many would say is the worst economic climate we’ve ever seen.


He’s now going to pull back the curtain and reveal how the Automatic System works… and how YOU too can create income on demand… whenever you want.


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Chris Peterson


P.S. I look forward to personally introducing you to

Kevin when you go here

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