Are You Ready for Operation Jade Helm ’15?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

I’m sure you’ve heard about the upcoming Operation Jade Helm 15. If not, might I politely suggest that you stop pretending to be an ostrich. This is the biggest military exercise that’s ever been carried out on U.S. soil, so it’s worth paying attention… if for no other reason than to catch the show.

Of course, the big question is what kind of show it is going to be. The military hasn’t exactly been forthright in telling us what’s planned. On top of that, there’s a map which managed to get leaked, which shows Texas, Utah and the southern tip of California as “enemy territory.” That hasn’t left people with a warm fuzzy feeling, especially those living in Texas.


Considering that Obama and Holder have declared war on Texas already, this new designation as enemy territory could be more than just something being done for the exercise. Texas is known as a conservative stronghold and Texans hold fast to their freedom more vocally and voraciously than citizens in other states. So, it’s natural for Texans to wonder if there’s something more going on here, than just a training exercise.

The military and the government haven’t done much to dissuade concerns and conspiracy theories either. Their answer has been to tell Texans to stop listening to alternative news on the internet and start watching the mainstream media.

I’m not sure if that was supposed to be a joke or it was a slap in the face. Few Texans would bother paying attention to the propaganda arm of the Obama administration, otherwise known as the mainstream media. Oh, there are some liberals in Austin and Houston that love the mainstream propaganda machine, but that’s about it. The rest of Texans recognize BS when they smell it.

According to the conspiracy theory, Jade Helm is either an operation to begin instilling martial law in the United States, starting in Texas or it’s something more subtle and nefarious; an exercise to round up those who the DHS has on their infamous list.

That list has been the topic of much discussion over the internet. When the War on Terror was declared by President Bush, Congress gave him and the executive branch an incredible amount of authority, most specifically, through the forming of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). All someone had to be was a “suspected terrorist” and the government could bring all their resources to bear.

The thing is, once Obama took office, he started changing the definition of a terrorist. In case you missed it, he’s removed several known terrorist organizations from the State Department’s terrorist watch list. He’s pardoned known terrorists and even allowed them into the country. Supposedly, some of his appointments in the Executive Branch have been given to people with known terrorist ties. But according to him, they’re not terrorists.

So, if terrorists aren’t terrorists, who is? You and I. Basically, anyone who is a conservative, a Christian or doesn’t believe in any of the progressive liberal ideology is a potential terrorist. So, that makes Texas and probably Utah as well, full of potential terrorists in Obama’s book.

There are two major factors in play here. The first one is that nobody trusts the Obama regime to tell the truth on anything, except for his faithful followers. He’s got them high enough on unicorns and cool-aid that they wouldn’t recognize the difference between the truth and a lie if it bit them. But as far as the real mainstream America is concerned, the conservative backbone of this country, those who pay their taxes, he can’t be trusted.

The second factor is that using a training exercise to mask war preparations is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If a county wants to achieve strategic surprise, or even cover up some military operations, they call it a “training exercise.” So why should anyone believe that Jade Helm is just a training exercise?

That’s not to say that I’ve thrown in with the conspiracy theory all the way. I’m skeptical. But I do know this, if the government was planning on doing any of the things that the conspiracy theorists say they are planning, they would take the steps that they are taking. That alone makes it something to keep our eyes on. But that’s not all.

Apparently, people in Texas have seen trainloads of military vehicles heading into the state. There have also been convoys carrying UN vehicles, as well as Turkish multiple rocket launchers hidden in the Texas Woods. What in the world would those rocket launchers or those UN vehicles need to be in Texas for, if not as part of Jade Helm?

Then there’s the sudden closing of five Wal-Mart stores, supposedly for plumbing problems. While that may have nothing to do with Jade Helm at all, it is suspicious. Why shut down those five stores and no others? For that matter why shut them down for supposed repairs, when the building permits haven’t even been pulled? And if Wal-Mart planned on shutting them down, why did the employees only get five hours notice?

According to the theory, those five Wal-Mart stores are either going to be used as field headquarters for federal agents involved in implementing martial law or they are going to be used as FEMA concentration camps for political dissidents. Without a compelling explanation for why they have been closed down, there’s nothing to stand against those who are saying there was a nefarious purpose in closing them.

You might be thinking by now that I’m undecided about what’s happening, and you’d be right. Is Jade Helm actually going to be the start of martial law? We don’t know. But since we don’t know and since we don’t have any reason to trust the government, I believe that discretion is advised. We need to be alert and we need to keep an eye on what is happening. If things go bad, it will happen suddenly and it will happen without warning.

So, keep your eyes open. Since we don’t know what’s happening, we need to be ready for anything. If people start disappearing, don’t accept what the mainstream media says about it. For that matter, if there are any “unexplained” military accidents or incidents in the Jade Helm area, keep a close eye on them. Like I said, training exercises are the number one means of gaining tactical surprise. So anything strange happening could indicate that something more is coming.

We are facing a dangerous time my friends. It could be that everything will be fine and the Special Operations Command will finish their exercises and go back to their bases, leaving nothing but thanks in their wake. But it could just as easily be something much more serious.

So, like always, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich


So what do you think?  Should we be worried about this massive military exercise?  Let us know in the comments.


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