[Alert] FBI makes spying on your email account top priority for 2013

The problem

The FBI is going even further to spy on its own citizens. In the past the Feds have had trouble spying real time on your Gmail, Google Voice, and Dropbox accounts in real time.  Now it’s doing everything it can to plug these holes.  The agency believes it has to the right to viewyour emails and personal information and it will stop at nothing to get access.  It’s all in the name of ‘crime investigation’.  Even when service providers are reluctant to trample on user’s privacy, the agency uses arcane and mis-applied laws to demand their compliance.

The proof



The solution

As always, be very careful about what and how you communicate online.  If you absolutely have to send an email with sensitive information, use an encryption service that we talk about in Chapter 3 of the Patriot Online Privacy Kit.  Here’s another nice guide that will help you.  Consider sending a good old fashioned letter as these are much harder to monitor, provided the receiver knows how to protect themselves and PO boxes and proxies.  We talk more about this in our book.

Most importantly, always assume someone else is going to read your communications on large brand email services like Gmail and Yahoo and act accordingly.

Yours in privacy,

Chris Peterson, Privacy and Security Advocate


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