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I received a tremendous amount of email in response to the last Patriot Privacy and Security Society advisory, “Carrying a Concealed Handgun.”

So, since this advisory is following quickly on the heels of that advisory, I thought this would be a good opportunity to address a handful of the questions and comments that I received. Also, Chris and I are talking about the possibility of putting a together a concealed weapons guide for members of the Patriot Privacy and Security Society. So, stay tuned for more information about that possibility and keep your questions and comments coming!

So, let’s get to the mail. To protect the privacy of those who wrote me, I’m just using their initials.

AB wrote to ask:

I would like to know if you use dry fire techniques and what your take on dry fire is. I have the dry fire bullets, but have not yet had the opportunity to use them. I do not have a license to carry at this time. And I really don’t have access to a shooting range or facility. I am very grateful for all the knowledge I have gained with your site, tools and reports. Thank you.

Dear AB:

Thank you for your email!

In a future advisory, I will address the issue of dry firing. But, since you asked, let me share a few thoughts with you right away.

I have and do use dry fire practice from time to time. Just like you, I can’t always get to a gun range when I have time in my schedule to practice. So, I will use dry fire techniques to practice.

While many guns can be dry fired without damaging the firing pin, others will be damaged by repeated dry firing. So, it is always best to practice with dry fire bullets/snap caps/laser inserts.

As always, you must use good safety and gun handling techniques to be certain that the weapon does not contain ammunition and that the weapon is never aimed in a direction where an accidental discharge could cause harm. I can’t emphasize this enough because the majority of accidents happen during practice or cleaning of the weapon. So, always assume the weapon is loaded and handle it as if it is – even when dry firing.

So, bottom line: Dry firing for practice is perfectly fine as long as you take appropriate safety steps and also take steps to be sure you don’t damage the firing pin.

I hope that helps and please feel free to write me again with any questions.


RG wrote to comment:

Good letter Rob. I dislike letting the government know that I have a gun.

Dear RG:

Many thanks! And, I agree. I do not believe the government has the right to know what guns Americans own. I am an absolutist when it comes to the Second Amendment.


SY from Oklahoma wrote to say:

Hi Rob,

I found your post-Aurora shooting article a well thought-out piece and appreciated your points.  Well done!

I’ve noticed when folks who don’t like guns talk about those of us who do, they call us “goons” or “freaks” (or worse).  It’s important for them to realize law abiding citizens exercising our 2nd Amendment right are their first line of defense against a real “goon”!  

Like you, no one knows I’m carrying or that I even like guns.  My students know I’ll defend them from anyone wanting to do them harm and know I’d have to do so with my bare hands while at school or on a school trip.  However, they don’t know that once away from work, I’m also armed with a firearm and will defend and protect them with extreme prejudice.  

Count on me to help in any way I can!

SY, Oklahoma

Here’s what I shared with SY:

Hi SY,

Thank you so much for your email. You made my day!

You are absolutely correct. Properly trained, law abiding citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights are society’s best line of defense against criminals who don’t hesitate to do harm. Many of my friends are police officers and every one of them will tell you that the police are rarely able to stop a crime – especially a shooting – in progress before the damage is done.

Recent history is replete with examples of properly armed citizens stopping shootings before more damage is done or, more importantly, preventing a criminal from using a weapon in the first place.

I applaud your commitment to being sure that no one knows when you are or aren’t armed. This is very, very important and I will discuss this aspect in detail in the near future.

Please stay in touch with me and let me know in what ways I can be of assistance.



KM wrote to say:

Just read your article about carrying concealed handgun. I agree completely. My father-in-law is a gunsmith. He fixes guns, rebuilds them, does his own bluing, etc. We all agree that all these gun laws really don’t do a thing except prevent law abiding citizens from getting guns, and all the bad guys will get them by other means anyway. They’re not going to go through legal channels in the first place. Commonsense tells you that. I do support the 2nd amendment, but have always wondered about all the high powered machine gun stuff. I mean, WHY would an average citizen need such a thing?

Just a thought.

Here’s what I shared with KM:

Dear KM,

I should get to know your father-in-law. It’s always important to know a good gunsmith! And, you’re correct. The overwhelming majority of gun control laws are meaningless. An individual hell bent on murder or other serious crimes is not going to be thwarted by gun control laws.

As for higher power weapons or true automatic weapons, I have known quite a few folks over the years that are collectors and/or enjoy the recreational and competitive use of a wide-range of firearms. Personally, I have no problem with it and, as a Second Amendment absolutist, I don’t believe the government has the right to restrict access to those types of weapons.

Thanks for your input. I appreciate it very much!

As I mentioned at the outset, I received a lot of email on handguns and concealed carry this week. So, I’ll definitely be discussing this issue extensively in the coming weeks and months. Please share with me your thoughts. I love to learn from the experiences of others – so share!! How would you have answered any of the letters I shared above? Do you have a different point of view? Write me:[email protected]

Be safe and secure,



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