you were right all along (PROOF)

There are 5 triggers that signal a massive crisis is well on its way…

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I have been called crazy for prepping and no matter how many times I have tried to explain to my friends and family that consider me the black sheep for keeping a ready stash of food and supplies, they just don’t get it!

Some of my friends in the survival community have felt the same way… so they put their heads together and did a massive amount of research to prove without a doubt that we were right.

When they put all of what they knew down on paper we were amazed and terrified at what it revealed…

The Canary Report

There were essentially 5 triggers that proved what we were preparing for was coming…. and three of those five triggers have already been pulled!

This isn’t something that you’re going to see on the nightly news or on a radio broadcast.

This took weeks worth of research from multiple sources to piece together all of the clues.

My good friend ‘Above Average’ Joe over at Survival Life acted as quickly as he could to get this information compiled… he knew that it had to be released to the public.

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Like I said, three triggers have already been pulled and two of them happened while they were doing the research…

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