Why You Should Carry Concealed

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

I just finished writing my new book about building a ghost gun and I’m really excited about it. This book will give you the knowledge you need so that you can create both a rifle and a pistol that are totally off the books. In other words, the government won’t know about it. I’ve given detailed instructions, based upon my own building of these guns. By building a ghost gun or two, you can have guns that you can hide and keep, even if they do start rounding up guns some day.


But this brought up another question in my mind; one that I wanted to talk to you about. That is, what are you doing with your guns? Where are you keeping them? Are they ready at hand? If someone kicks in your front door, can you get to your gun before they start shooting?

You see, most gun owners keep their guns in the master bedroom. They are either in the nightstand or in the closet. That makes sense to a lot of people, especially those that want to keep them away from their children. But it doesn’t help you defend your home and your family, if you need to.

If someone kicks in your door, you will have mere second to react. Forget running into the bedroom to get your gun. Forget getting it out of your gun safe. You’ll have enough time to draw where you are and hopefully bring the gun up to eye level, ready to shoot. That’s it.

A home invasion or other dangerous situation can happen at any time. As a nation, we just recently had a historic church invaded by a deranged young man, who killed nine people before he was stopped. Fortunately for the survivors, there was a woman in that congregation who carried concealed. I have no idea why it took so long for her to get into action (her gun could have been out in her car), but once she showed up, the shooter threw in the towel.

Had it not been for that woman, many others may have died that day in that church. One of the men who died was a state Congressman, who had recently voted to make churches gun free zones. I’ll bet if he had survived, he’d have a different opinion now.

So, I ask you, why aren’t you carrying? To me, carrying a gun is not just a right that is guaranteed to us by the Constitution, but a social responsibility. I don’t just carry for my own protection or even that of my family. The way I see it, as I’m protecting myself and my family, I’m also protecting everyone else that is in the same place that I am. The shooter I stop could kill any of them. But if I’m there, he’ll have to go through me first.

No, I’m not a gun crazy nut, who’s just waiting for an opportunity to kill someone, as the liberals would say. I’m just a citizen who believes in exercising my rights, and I can’t very well have life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness if someone sticks a gun in my face and pulls the trigger.

Sadly, we live in a world that has an overabundance of people who are driven by evil. As long as those people exist, the world will be a dangerous place. Getting rid of guns won’t stop them, as liberals hope; all it will do is force them to use other weapons. The day that the Sandy Hook shooting happened, a Chinese man killed 32 children with a knife in the Chinese equivalent of an elementary school.

People have killed each other since the dawn of time. Some of that killing might have been justified. Some of it happened during times of war. But much of it happened simply because the killer was angry, desperate or confused. Then there are the killings that happen just because one person wants what someone else has. They kill not out of anger, but because the other person is just in their way.

Carrying a gun allows you to help stop those people. Yes, it costs money to get a concealed carry license. Yes, you need a background check (in most states). You might even need to take some training. And yes, it’s a pain in the whatever having your pants try and fall down all day long, from the weight of the gun on your belt. But it’s worth it for the feeling of security that it gives. Not just security for yourself, but for your family as well.

So, I’d like you to consider taking the next step in your journey towards survival. That step is one of making sure that you are ready to survive each and every day. For you never know which day might be one in which danger arrives. Carrying daily means you’re ready for it.

But there’s another part of being ready that’s just as important, that’s practicing. If you’re going to carry, you are taking on a great responsibility. When a bullet leaves the muzzle of your gun, you’re responsible for what it does. If it kills a bad guy, you’ll receive applause; but if it kills an innocent bystander, you’ll be charged with murder. Take the responsibility seriously please, and make sure that you are up to the task. Practice regularly.

Just one more step on the path of survival. Until next time, keep your powder dry and your survival gear (including your gun) close at hand.

Are you interested in seeing my ghost gun book?   Leave me a comment below.  Also let me know your thoughts on the article.

Dr. Rich


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