Where do You Leave Your Gun?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

I just went to early voting yesterday, trying to avoid the long lines of Election Day. I have no idea how crazy it’s going to be this year, but the numbers from early voting make it seem like there’s going to be a record turnout. With that in the wind, I wanted to be sure to get my vote in, without having to be part of a mob of people.

Here in the state where I live, it’s illegal to carry a gun into a polling place, even with a license to carry concealed. Some states are like this, while there are others which permit carrying concealed in a polling place. But pretty much all states have places where you can’t carry, and if they don’t, the federal government makes sure that there are places where it’s illegal, such as post offices, secure areas in airports, and federal buildings.

This brings up a very important question; what do you do with your pistol, when you go into someplace you can’t carry? The temptation is to bring it in anyway, but that’s not something to be done lightly. Carrying a gun into a place where it is prohibited by law is a good way to lose your license to carry.

There was a case here in my home state a couple of years ago where a man carried his pistol into a bar. That’s illegal in this state, and such businesses must have a posting right inside the door, which makes it very clear that more than 51% of their sales are alcoholic beverages, so that those of us who carry will know not to bring our guns into the establishment. But this guy carried his in anyway. While he was there, someone came in to rob the bar. He thwarted the criminal, saving lives in the process.

This left the hero in an awkward position. Had he stuck around long enough for the police to get there, he could have lost his license to carry and possibly even spent the night in jail. So he had to make himself scarce quickly, even though everyone was calling him a hero.

This may seem like justification to ignore the law and carry wherever we want; but it’s not. Those of us who have a license to carry concealed aren’t the type to break the law, even when we think the law doesn’t make sense or is outright stupid. We’re law abiding citizens, and that includes in the area of carrying concealed.

So what do you do? Do you leave the gun in your vehicle or do you leave it home?

Leaving a gun in the car is darn near an invitation to having it stolen. But leaving it home, just because you’re going to be someplace you can’t carry means that you can’t carry the rest of that trip either. Neither seems like a very good option. I really don’t like to leave home without my gun; you just never know when you might need it. And while the odds favor you won’t, you just never know.

But I also know how insecure my car is, especially if someone sees me put the gun in the trunk. I try very hard to avoid letting people see me, but that’s not always possible in a busy parking lot. Sometimes you’ve just got to go and can’t wait for others to clear the area.

The simple solution to this problem is to bolt a lockbox to the floor of your car’s trunk, hopefully in an area that’s well covered by things you keep in the car. That lockbox will allow you to put your gun someplace safe, where it’s harder for a criminal to get to it, while still keeping it where you can get to it fairly easily. Just make sure you don’t have the necessary tools in the trunk so that they can tear the box out and take it with them to open later.

Of course, any lock is not a guarantee that the bad guys can’t get into something. All it really does, besides keeping the honest people honest, is slow them down. But if you can slow them down enough, you’ll make it so that they either give up or get caught doing what they’re trying to do. That makes it worthwhile.

I installed lockboxes in all my vehicles, ever since I started carrying. While I’ve had vehicles broken into and other things stolen, I have yet to lose a gun that way. So far, my lockboxes have kept my guns safe and out of the hands of criminals. I hope to keep it that way.

I also hope to keep carrying, so I’m going to obey the law, even when I don’t agree with it and while I’m lobbying to change it. Maybe someday, we’ll all be able to carry without restrictions, like the Second Amendment says.

In the mean time, I’ll keep my gun in the lockbox, when I can’t carry it; just like I’ll keep my powder dry and my survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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