When things are in Disorder

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

There are times in our lives when things are in disorder; changing residences, coming back from a vacation, being in the midst of a big remodeling project, as well as other things. Each of these can be a challenge for us, just trying to pull out lives together again. But I’ll tell you what else those times are; they’re times that crooks look for, because the disorder in our lives makes it easier for them to steal.

When we’re busy dealing with disorder all around us, we’re unlikely to see what others are doing. That provides an opportunity for those who would like to make what’s ours, theirs.

There are two basic problems here. The first is that when we’re busy, we don’t always see what’s going on around us. On top of that, the disorder makes it highly likely that something will be misplaced. With all the confusion, it’s quite possible that it will be weeks before it is realized that the missing items are actually gone, and not just mixed up in the mess somewhere.

This even happens with high-dollar items and is perhaps more likely to happen with them. Thieves want to get the most money for their efforts, so will take the most valuable thing or things they can carry off. That might mean your new TV set or even a cross-country motorcycle.

Part of the way that criminals are able to get away with stealing in such times is that we are too focused on what we’re doing, to keep our situational awareness up and running. Our heads are not on a swivel and we’re not “checking six.” So, they can be sitting right across the street in a car, watching what we’re doing and waiting for a good opportunity, and we don’t even notice.

Being focused on dealing with everything, our chances of missing something are drastically reduced. Worse than that, if we do notice it missing, we’re likely to dismiss it, thinking that someone else put it away. The thief could still be making their getaway, but because we’re not thinking that way, we don’t even look for them.

The key to preventing such thefts, like many other crimes, is being aware of what’s going on around us; otherwise known as maintaining our situational awareness. In most cases if we take the time to look around carefully, every time we go back outdoors, we are likely to see those criminals casing our home and looking over what there might be available to steal. But if they spot you looking around and especially if your glance lingers on them, you can just about be sure that they’ll decide it’s a good time to be elsewhere and leave empty-handed.

Another important step is to make sure you’re not leaving things sitting around outside, where they can attract that sort of attention. Say you’re getting ready to leave for a week off in the woods and you’ve got camping gear, dirt bikes, your fishing kit and a couple of guns to take with you. Those are all highly pilferable items that they can easily sell. So don’t leave them sitting around outside. Rather, only take them out the door, when you’re ready to put them in your vehicle.

Backing up the vehicle to the door you’re loading out of helps as well, as there is less opportunity to see what you’re loading into it. There’s no reason to give anything away, even if it is just a glimpse at what you’re loading up.

Finally, it’s a good idea to rotate the people working on loading or unloading, so that there’s always someone outside, keeping an eye on things. This could be the person who’s either packing or unpacking things from the vehicle, or it could be everyone rotating in and out, making sure they don’t go in, until someone else comes out. Either way, that little bit of vigilance is enough to keep thieves from taking advantage of the situation.

If anything, such strategies would be even more important if your family is ever forced to bug out and abandon your home. We’ve all seen videos, showing how criminals stay behind, looting homes, when everyone else is evacuating the city. That’s not likely to end anytime soon, with them taking advantage of any opportunity that presents itself, even if that means putting themselves in danger.

Your things, whether we’re talking survival gear, guns, or even your toys are much more useful in your hands, than in anyone else’s. Let’s make sure they stay there. That’ll help make it possible to keep your powder dry and especially your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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