When it’s Time for Violence

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

By now, you’ve probably heard all about the mob breaking-in the capitol building that happened on the 6th of January, interrupting Congress’ verification of the electoral college’s votes for president and vice-president. Some are trying to call it an attempted coup, but I think that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Had they been bent on a coup, they would have been armed and they wouldn’t have been walking around the building with their cameras out, like a bunch of tourists.

As of this writing, it’s still hard to say who or even how many people actually made it into the building. The DC police have arrested some fifty-odd people, apparently caught in the act. There is little information about who these people are, although some have used facial recognition software to come up with some tentative identifications of some of the actors. It appears that those so identified might have a history of being rabble-rousers, including some that might have been from ANTIFA.

The strangest thing I’ve seen, in relation to this, was the video of DC police opining the barriers to let some of these people in. Those people supposedly came from two busses, which parked a couple of blocks away. Regardless of whether the police were really police or just people dressed up like them, there’s a story there that still needs to be told.

Personally, I was sickened by what happened. This is not how we do things. Up until that day, I could say that all the “violent” demonstrations of the last year were done by far-left extremist. I can no longer make that claim. I don’t know where you stand on this; but as far as I’m concerned, this isn’t how we do things. We’re supposed to be people of law and order and that wasn’t law or order. About the only good thing I can say, is that they didn’t go around destroying things.

Looking at the situation, it’s not surprising that it broke down to that point. People have been at the boiling point for some time now, between lockdowns in reaction to COVID-19, how that has affected their finances, and finally the November elections, which more than half the nation’s voting population thinks was filled with fraud of one type or another. That’s enough to cause some pretty high tensions.

Is there a time for violent protest? Yes, I would have to say there is. Our Revolutionary War was such a violent protest. It was made necessary because nothing else worked. Our Founding Fathers had tried peaceful protest; had tried using the courts; had even tried directly petitioning the king; all to no avail. They either buckled under to tyranny or they rose up in rebellion.

But what happened on the 6th doesn’t stack up alongside that standard. While the objections brought up to the elections (especially in the four battleground states) didn’t exactly receive their fair day in court; that wasn’t tyranny in action. It was a failure of our government.

There are many on both sides of the political divide who are calling for civil war. That’s something to be avoided, if at all possible. The next civil war, assuming there is one, will be much worse than the last one was, and that was the bloodiest war our nation has ever been in. Should we fight another, the battle lines will not be as clear cut, nor will there likely be as much care taken to avoid civilian casualties. ANTIFA has already shown how little they care about harming innocent bystanders.

Should we reach the point where civil war become necessary, or even an armed rebellion against our government, it will be necessary for that action to be well planned and coordinated for there to be any chance of success. What happened in the capitol was nothing of the sort.

I don’t know if such a time will come, when civil war is called for. I hope not. I’d hate to see our country torn up by war, like some third-world country that can’t govern itself. But then again, I don’t see a whole lot of evidence that our country is able to govern itself right now; and I’m not just talking about the 2020 elections. If we can’t overcome some of the political divide in this country and the two parties can’t start reaching across the aisle once again, this experiment that the Founding Fathers started is going to come to an end.

We all need to be thinking about what we’re going to do, before that point is reached. Personally, I like the idea of heading for the hills somewhere, over dying as an unnamed nobody in a civil war. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t take up arms in defense of my country, if I felt it was necessary. But I won’t do so, just because others tell me to. I can’t solve the nation’s problems on my own and I’d only be willing to give my life to, if I saw that it would truly do some good.

In the mean time, I’ll be sure to keep my powder dry and my survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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