What if?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Every time there’s another mass killing, we can count on another push to enact new gun control legislation. That’s on top of the expected gun control rhetoric that comes out of the Democrat party, as a normal part of every political campaign. The gun control lobby is strong, well funded and will stop at nothing to get their way.

We’ve all heard this before and sadly, we’re going to continue hearing it until those on the left get their way or the United States falls apart. Of course, the two might just end up being two acts in the same play; we’ll have to see.

But the question that faces us all is, “What if?” specifically, “What if these control freaks get their way and actually pass some meaningful gun control law, which severely limits our Second Amendment rights?” I doubt that’s possible, without a Democrat controlled Congress and a Democrat President at the same time; but prudence dictates we assume it is. With the political climate the way it is, that Democrat controlled Congress and President could pass such legislation within days of taking power.

The most likely form that any such legislation would take is an “assault weapon ban,” otherwise known as an attack on the AR-15. This is the left’s favorite gun control scheme, either just because the AR-15 looks “scary” or because they are afraid of us common people rising up in rebellion to their authority.

Either way, the first thing we need to consider is that any such action would immediately be challenged in court. Even though the Supreme Court of the United States has been avoiding hearing any such case, it seems pretty likely that any law this invasive of our basic Constitutional rights would attract the attention of the Supremes.

It is doubtful that any such law could stand up under judicial scrutiny. It would be impossible to justify it on any grounds, other than purely emotional ones. Crime statistics, even those involving mass murder, don’t justify such a law.

The second thing we should consider is that such laws would likely contain a grandfather clause, although that’s not something we can count on. Such a clause would mean that the only guns affected would be newly manufactured ones and that guns we already own would not be subject to confiscation. Of course, if they couple that with “universal background checks” we may not be able to legally pass our guns on to our kids.

Seizing our guns, without remuneration, is illegal according to the Fourth Amendment. So the only way they could confiscate our guns is through a buy-back program of some sort. Those have historically been very unsuccessful, even in countries where they don’t have as much of a gun culture as we do. Even in the countries that leftists love to hold up as an example, these buy-back programs have not been effective.

This would mean that the government would have to rely on gun confiscation to take our guns out of our hands. Yet the vast majority of law-enforcement officers, especially sheriffs, support our Second Amendment rights. So the politicians are going to have a hard time getting anyone to take our guns away from us; the police probably won’t and the Army isn’t allowed to operate on US soil.

That leaves them with the need to come up with some other force to use in taking away our guns, whether that is a UN “peacekeeping” force of some special governmental body, created just to enforce gun control laws. Should either of those happen, it would be the clearest signal of a need for a second civil war that we could receive.

Is that likely to happen? I don’t think so. But that doesn’t mean that I haven’t thought about it. I’ve made up my mind what I’m going to do, if they should ever come in search of my guns. I have decoy guns I’ll let them have, and I have others that I won’t. I have guns stored off-site, so that they can’t find them. I also have “ghost guns” that they can’t trace. At the absolute worse, they would be forced to leave me with those, because they don’t have any record of them.

Should it come down to a second civil war, I know which side I’m going to be on. I have taken action to make sure that I’ll be able to fight. I will be one of the three percent. What about you? Better to make your mind up now, so that you’ll be ready if that time comes.

In the mean time, make sure you keep your powder dry, while you can still get it and your survival gear ready to go.

Dr. Rich

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