What Difference Does the Election Make to Your Survival Planning?

social-2016-trump-hilDear Fellow Survivalist;

With the elections finally upon us, I’m sure you’re asking yourself what they will mean for your ultimate survival. I know I am, as many of the larger disaster scenarios we might face are man-made, rather than created by Mother Nature. So, I thought I’d take a moment to talk about it.

To start with, let me say that near-term forecasts shouldn’t affect our survival planning. Most of what you and I do to be prepared to survive a disaster takes years to build. So why would we suddenly stop or change direction, just because of a change in the political climate? We’ve survived eight years under Obama’s imperial rule and we would survive another four to eight years under Hillary’s.

The thing is, the direction the country is going in isn’t going to change, just because of a Republican or conservative candidate winning the presidency. Those on the left have been working for years to bring the country to the place it is today, and they aren’t going to change their plans, just because they don’t have a puppet in the White House. At the most, a Republican presidency would put a delay on their plans, but it wouldn’t really change them.

The best that we can hope for is that a Republican candidate would slow the eventual destruction of our nation. So, things like a financial collapse or another world war are still on the schedule, the most we can hope for is their delay. And even if our candidate wins (whoever that is for you) there are many other forces in play, than the American presidency.

Democrats are going to continue down the road to stealing our freedoms and our rights, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. The only real question is when they will get certain bills passed into law. Since most Republican lawmakers are better at bowing down to the desires of the Democrats, than they are to their own constituents, we can be sure that the opposition we see in the future, will be about as effective as what we’ve seen in the past.

During Obama’s first two years in office, he had a Democrat controlled Congress. Both parties had a Democrat majority. This caused a lot of us consternation, so when the mid-term elections came around, we voted in a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. But that really didn’t accomplish much. The Democrat controlled Senate overrode the House of Representatives and Obama himself held the big stick of government shutdown over the House’s collective heads.

So, we voted in enough Republicans to take control of the Senate as well, accepting the promise of Republican lawmakers that when they had control, things would be different. Well, we gave them control and nothing was different.

Why didn’t that control matter? Because Obama still held his big stick. Not only did he constantly threaten government shutdown, but veto. Since Republicans didn’t control two-thirds of the Senate, their hands were tied; they couldn’t override a presidential veto. Obama beat Congress into submission, except for a few brave souls, like Senator Ted Cruz. Not only that, But Harry Reid still told the Senate what they had to do, even though he was no longer the majority leader.

I can only see two major differences that a Democrat or Republican control of our government will do. Democrats will still try to take our rights away, expand government control and turn this into a police state. Unless true conservatives, rather than “moderates,” otherwise known as RINOs controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency, our country will continue to move farther and farther to the left.

The first potential difference I see is in the area of our First Amendment rights. Political correctness, which is determined by liberals, is getting stronger every day. With Democrats in control, it will only get worse. It is even doubtful that a strong conservative in the White House could have any effect on that, simply because it is the media that determines what is politically correct and not the politicians. As the media will continue to be mostly liberal, they will push their agenda through political correctness and attack our First Amendment rights.

But that really doesn’t affect our survival strategy. At the most, it might affect how we talk sometime in the future, so that we aren’t picked up and put in a government camp somewhere. But until things get to that point, it really doesn’t affect us.

The second potential difference is in our Second Amendment rights. One of Obama’s biggest mistakes, from a liberal point of view, was to wait too long to attack our right to bear arms. His first ploy, that of Fast and Furious failed to create the necessary fear he needed to take away those rights. So, I guess he felt that he had to wait until they could stage a big enough of a disaster to create a public outcry against our rights.

That happened with Sandy Hook, for which there is a whole lot of evidence showing that it might have been staged. Obama and the Democrats in Congress wasted no time using that disaster as their springboard to call for stricter gun laws. But it was too late. The Democrats no longer had control of both houses of Congress.

Should the Democrats ever get control over both houses of Congress again, along with the presidency, I imagine that their first target will be the Second Amendment. If that happens, then it affects our survival strategy greatly. We will need to make sure that we have enough ammo and guns to get us through, because there is no guarantee that we’ll have any possibility of buying them afterwards.

So, make sure you keep your ammo dry and you survival gear close at hand; and if you don’t have enough ammo, now’s a good time to buy it.


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