URGENT: go sign this petition to protect your privacy now

There is an online petition to expand the privacy protections of ECPA.

This was a bill designed to protect your privacy but it was signed in 1986.

Since then a lot has changed and, as I keep telling you, the IRA, FBI, numerous other Federal authorities and corrupt businesses are using loopholes to exploit your personal information and destroy your privacy.

They are looking at your emails and phone records without a warrant!

All you have to do is put your name and email address in this petition to wake the Washington fatcats up: http://notwithoutawarrant.com/

Put a fake email if you like and make it anonymous with the checkbox, but go do it now please.  Its not often we get a chance like this to take action, and now is the time.

Please pass this along to your friends and family.
Chris Peterson

PS:  If you haven’t already please please tell your friends and family to start

protecting themselves now with Patriot Privacy Kit: http://PatriotPrivacy/Video

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