Under Threat of Continued Violence

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

It has been over three months now since George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis policeman. Ever since then, numerous cities have suffered ongoing violence, with riots just about every night. Something that started out to be legitimate peaceful protests has been hijacked by those with more sinister goals in mind. Little of what is being said has anything to do with black lives mattering and a whole lot to do with Marxist demands upon our country.

Even so, they’re still trying to hide behind the banner of “Black Lives Matter,” gravely damaging the veracity of what was considered in the days following Floyd’s death to be a legitimate movement. So, while they still chant “I can’t breathe” and “Black lives matter,” what they’re really doing is trying to destroy the country as we know it. This has the makings of a full-blown revolution.

It has become increasingly clear how the mainstream media is driving all of this. Every altercation between a black man and the police which ends in violence is immediately brought to national attention, always making the black man look like an innocent victim of police brutality. They don’t even pretend to try and find out the truth anymore; they’re too busy stoking the fires of racial division and the potential of civil war.

At this point, it’s clear that the violence isn’t going to stop before election day on November 3rd. But this still leaves us with two big questions; is it going to increase and will it stop after the elections?

In answer to the first question, a lot depends on how many altercations there are between blacks and the police. While I can’t see any evidence that any one is trying to force such things to happen, it has become increasingly clear that there are those who are waiting in the wings for the news media to announce the next such event, so they can invade that city and start violence there.

That’s what happened in Kenosha, Wisconsin, after the police had an altercation with Jacob Blake. Even though Blake scuffled with the police and was armed with a knife, he was made out to be a victim by the media, stoking more anger and bringing rioting to Kenosha.

Here’s the interesting part. Of the approximately 150 rioters who were arrested in Kenosha on the first night, over 100 of them were not only from out of town, but if I have my information correct, they were from out of state. They had been imported to Kenosha for the express purpose of destruction.

That’s what we’re facing and it can happen in any city at any time, even if the police are just doing their duty. Should they happen to make a mistake and use excessive force, then all hell will literally break loose. It doesn’t matter where it is or which political party is in control, the rioters will come and try to take over that city too. It’s all being staged.

The only real difference is how the city reacts to the looting and destruction of the rioters. So far, the rioters have had the greatest success in Democrat controlled cities, where the police are held back from doing their jobs and the rioters are encouraged by local politicians. However, in Republican controlled cities, the rioters are being arrested and the riots come to an end.

So when you’re looking at the potential for rioting in your own city, look to see who’s in charge there. Are they likely to be in favor of law and order or are they going to support criminal activity by those who seek anarchy? You need to know, so that you’ll know how much of a chance there is that you’ll end embroiled in a mess.

Then there’s election day itself and what’s going to happen after the elections. Several Democrats and others on the political left have already stated publicly that anything but a Biden win will result in increased violence. Are they simple predicting what will happen or are those thinly veiled threats?

I tend to think there’s plenty of room for them to be both. They’re threatening the country with continued violence and predicting that their paid rabble-rousers are going to have to bring it to pass.

That’s what we’re facing. If there was ever a time when we need to be on our guard, “checking six,” carrying concealed and maintaining ourselves in condition yellow, this is it. The next few months are probably going to be rocky, and I’d suggest that we all do whatever we can to keep ourselves out of it as much as possible. Looking at what is happening with Kyle Rittenhoue, while rioters are being let go, doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in the justice that’s being dished out in our country these days.

It’s definitely a good time to keep ourselves strapped and loaded, just like we keep our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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