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Dear Concerned American,

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was a few years ago. It was a classic Midwestern summer day at my grandmother’s 19th century rural home.

We sat in over-sized rocking chairs, chatting about this and that, but also enjoying periods of silence as we gazed out over her beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.

Mosquitos buzzed around us lazily, as if the heat was too much for them too.

But there in the thick, muggy air of God’s country, I was happy. There’s a wonderful simplicity to revisiting a place you’ve spent time as a child. I smiled at the familiar smells and the little figurines that were unique to that one special place in the world: Grandmother’s house.


I can still hear the creaky porch and taste her delicious sweet tea as we sat and chatted. We talked about the weather, the local baseball team, and a little politics.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]And of course that led us to the dire situation our country has come to.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

Grandmother Boatwright, in spite of her 91 years, was very well informed and read the daily newspaper cover to cover every morning before most of us had even had our coffee.

[content_box_light_blue width=”100%”]I mentioned offhand that I was building up stores of food, water and medicine in case of a crisis. I was a little embarrassed to talk about it actually. I had mentioned this before to some friends and they had rolled their eyes and chuckled at me – as if I were losing my mind.

To them ‘preppers’ and ‘survivalists’ were weirdos who thought the world was ending. They didn’t realize that there were very real, very frequent crises happening EVERY DAY that could threaten their very lives if they weren’t prepared.

Even my lovely wife wasn’t entirely convinced all this ‘prepping’ was really necessary. She looked at it as my ‘weird hobby’ and tolerated it silently – MOST of the time….

So when Grandmother stopped, lowered her head and stared at me over her horned-rimmed spectacles with those slightly cloudy blue eyes, I was bracing for a lecture.[/content_box_light_blue]

Then I was absolutely floored by what she actually said.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]”Preparing for a big crisis?! Its about time your generation figured it out.”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

“We were taught to prepare for a crisis from the time we could walk. We survived the Depression, the Dust Bowl, and two World Wars! Not to mention all the tornados and droughts!

You think we could have done all that if we weren’t prepared? Heck, kids these days wouldn’t last through a big storm. Back then we had to learn how to survive for years without ANYONE’S help. Especially the government’s!

[content_box_light_blue width=”100%”]I had to chuckle to myself a little, here I thought I was part of this BRAND NEW MOVEMENT of folks wanting to be self sufficient and prepared for a catastrophe.

But I had forgotten that for the generations before us, preparation was a way of life, not some fad. And that gave me great comfort.

But Grandmother Boatright wasn’t done with me, not by a long shot. The grilling was about to commence.[/content_box_light_blue]

Now tell me about this so-called food cache you’ve got.” She said with strong hint of skepticism.

I explained, with some amount of pride, that I had about two months of dehydrated ‘survival meals’ that I had bought online that would feed me and my immediate family nicely. I had paid a lot of money for this food, and was pretty confident that I had built a nice survival cache.

Grandmother was NOT impressed. Her look at me cut like a knife. I began to stammer a bit, feeling like that little boy standing in Grandmother’s kitchen about to get walloped with her wooden spoon.

I tried to explain that I was trying to horde survival food before big government agencies like FEMA took over our food supply in an emergency. It had been reported recently that the behemoth government agency had been caught doing just that.

With that, she sat back and waved her hand at me, clearly disgusted.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]”Those government bureaucrats ALREADY control your food supply, dummy.”[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

“You really think they’re going to wait for a national emergency?! No no no no, you’re doing it all wrong.

What’s in that survival food anyway? Do you even know?” she glared.

Now I was really embarrassed. I didn’t even know. I had bought them based on what I thought I would need, but I confessed to not even knowing what the ingredients were.

Grandmother wasn’t about to let up either: “So you’re going to hole up in your basement, with just two months of food? And survive on food produced by GMO companies like Monsanto and all those thieves that put family farmers out of business? And you don’t see a problem with all this? And this “frankenfood” you’re going to put in your body is going to help you survive? Is that how you see it?

I felt the intense glare of Grandmother’s skepticism bearing down on me. Sweat was running down the middle of my back. It felt like someone had turned up the furnace to 180 degrees on that porch. I gulped my sweet tea and stared at my hands as if I had been caught stealing a pie.

Luckily, Grandmother saw my humiliation, stood, and put a hand on my shoulder. “Come with me,” she said with a hint of a smile.

She then took me back into the house, down the rickety old steps and into the dark basement. I had never been down here. As a kid, the basement was scary and foreboding.

But with a swift pull she popped single light bulb on and I was absolutely stunned at what I saw.


[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]Here was the most beautiful collection of food I had ever seen.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

There were jams and vegetables and meats and samples of probably every kind of food my Grandmother had ever cooked. It was mouth watering just looking at it.

But that’s not what surprised me the most. Among all the homemade canned fruits and vegetables, were store bought items and stuff you could find on any grocer store shelf.

She followed my gaze to the grocery store items and said patiently “Now I don’t make everything myself. I’m busy too, you know. The idea is to get the RIGHT kind of stuff off the shelf. And to have a mix of things of course. Nothing would be worse to be in the middle of national emergency and you’re stuck with beans for dinner every night. You gotta get food that you’re actually going to want to eat.

I hope you all experience this same moment some day. That wonderful moment when you realize that a wise person has just made something that seemed so complicated into something so stupid-easy that for a moment you wonder if they’re a genius.

And then you realize that no, they’re not a genius, they’ve just been around long enough to make all the mistakes and learn the right way to do something.


For those of you who don’t know my, my name is Chris Peterson. You may have heard of my Patriot Privacy Kit before. I have a passion for learning and then spreading that knowledge to other like minded folks.

So, right then and there in Grandmother’s pantry I decided I was going to absorb everything she could teach me about food storage. So I did. I sat there with the an old legal pad Grandmother used to keep by her easy chair and just listened to her talk about her food cache.

I must say, it was more education than I ever got from a college course – and tasty too!

We opened jars of beans that had been canned in 1976 – and were still as delicious as ever.

We tasted canned apples, jerky, and pickled vegetables that have my mouth watering as I’m sitting here writing this.

Now as we went through her collection, grandmother knew that I wasn’t much of a gardener. Oh I have a few tomato plants and bean stalks, the plants that are hard to screw up. I explained that I didn’t have the time or energy to grow and can all this food.

So she showed me how to prepare and store food that she knew I would be buying from my suburban grocery store.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]She showed me the EASY way to store food properly so that nearly ANYTHING you buy can be stored long term.[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

In some cases 30-40 years!

And I compiled all of old Grandmother Boatwright’s tricks and tips into a single, easy to use resource:

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]The Ultimate Guide To Storing Food for a Crisis [/headline_cufon_font_centered]

In this essential 46-page guide we cover everything you need to know including:

[features_box_yellow width=”75%” + border=”2px”]  [green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  • How much food to store
  • Picking the best foods for long term storage
  • The optimal temperature range for long term food storage
  • The reason why you should all FREEZE your grains, flours, and rices before storage
  • Which food you should eat first
  • How long your food will last
  • How to know if your food is rotten WITHOUT opening the container
  • The unknown spices and oils that will keep mice and pests out of your food stores!
  • The best places to store your food cache
  • PLUS where you can hide your stash to keep it away from looters and intruders!
  • Which luxury items to include to keep your survival cache interesting!
  • The century old trick for easy canning
  • A list of kitchen items to always keep with your cache
  • How to choose between freeze-dried, canned or dehydrated foods
  • Detailed instructions on canning, freeze-drying, dehydrating, that any dummy (even me!) can follow, including a list of the things my Grandmother used to jar her own items!
  • Plus, I cover storing heirloom and sprouting seeds too


The price of ONE pre-prepared survival meal can be $5. That means that it would cost a family of four $1800 PER MONTH to eat on survival food alone, and remember these meals are made dehydrated noodles and powders that have almost ZERO nutritional value.

I’ll show you how to store delicious food THAT YOU’LL ACTUALLY WANT TO EAT, for a small fraction of that cost in this brand new ebook.

Even if you’re already storing your own food I bet there are at least a dozen little tips and tricks that you are not using yet that will make your cache last longer and be more delicious.

It would take you DECADES to gather the knowledge and experience that my Grandmother and I have poured into this book.

This is so easy to follow and understand, you’ll start to use this amazing resource right away.

PLUS, in addition to this book, I’ll email you a free copy of my own Water Storage Guide for Survivalists. Here, I cover the essentials of water storage in this 20-page guide. I included storage, collection and treatment in this easy-to-use survival guide.

[headline_cufon_font_centered color=”#ED0000″]Check out what a few of my most recent customers had to say:[/headline_cufon_font_centered]

[testimonial1 author=”Charles S. – Denver, CO”]”Wow, I have a similar experience. My grandmother has a great food storage and canning system and is the most prepared person I know, though she wouldn’t call it that. This book “caught me up to speed” about 1000x faster than doing it with her. Unbelievable value!”[/testimonial1]

[testimonial1 author=”Robert D. – WA”]”I have to say this was really well done.  I didn’t expect much for the price but this is worth more than what I paid for it.  Easy to follow and use, I have told several friends about it.  Thanks Chris.”[/testimonial1]

And, remember this book is easy to print out and keep in your survival library too, or even open on your Kindle and iPad.

…and of course there is my unbelievable guarantee…

[guarantee_box_1 title=”My 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee”]


I know you’re savvy consumer. You want a rock-solid, iron-clad guarantee that this will be one of the best survival resources you’ve ever seen. So, I’m going to give you exactly that.

I am going to guarantee this book for one full year. That’s right, take your time with this one-of-a-kind system. Take 365 days. And if you’re not satisfied with it, I’ll give you your money back up to a year from now. No questions asked. No hassle. Where else are you going to find a one-year warranty on an ebook?![/guarantee_box_1]

If you have any issues or questions, just contact me at: Freedom Writers Publishing, PO Box 774000-358, Steamboat Springs, CO  80477, 970-367-7624

[email protected]

[text_bar_1_left background=”#444444″ + width=”100%”] So, how much for this guide, the bonus, and a 365-no hassle, money-back guarantee?

…Yes, only $7.

Now, you may be wondering why I’m only charging $7?

[red_arrow_list width=”100%”]

  • With all of the natural and manmade disasters that have occurred over the last 10 years, I knew that I needed to step up and help my fellow Americans. We are living in a very dangerous time, and we need to step up and help each other.
  • And, I realized that maybe I could help a few people and make a little money on the side for my family. Then I could create a community of people that are not only concerned about being prepared for when it really hits the fan, but that were willing to do something about it.
  • $7 is something that almost anyone can afford. And if they’re not willing to spend the price of a fast food meal to help themselves, then they’re just content to depend on the government for their own survival.
  • Just think how much you spend on your garden, survival food, or memberships per month? Is it worth $7 to learn to feed your family with delicious, nutritious food for a long term crisis?


My kit used to sell just a few weeks ago for $27. But I realized that the more people could afford this, the more people I could help.

So for a limited time its just $7 for 46 no-fluff, jam-packed informational pages.

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