Trump’s First Week in Office

Greetings. It’s now been a whole week since Donald Trump’s inauguration as the 45th President of these United States. And I have some good news to report about that… the world didn’t come to an end. North Korea hasn’t bombed us out of existence; ISIS didn’t launch an attack to take over our country, and our borders were not attacked en masse by the drug cartels. Regardless of the rhetoric during the Women’s March the day after he was inaugurated, women haven’t lost any rights; the LGBT and whatever community is still free to live their lifestyle, and there are no FEMA camps teeming with liberal prisoners.

I realize it may seem a bit obvious to mention those thing, as you know them as well as I do; but after all the doomsday predictions that came out about a Trump presidency, I thought we could all use a little encouragement. Trump becoming president isn’t the unmitigated disaster that the let has been screaming it would be.

That’s not to say that nothing has happened; because quite a lot has. Trump has had a very busy week, making a start on his campaign promises. He is making great strides towards fulfilling his “Contract with America” that it’s hard to know how to react. As we all know, politicians don’t really keep their campaign promises, unless they are looking at reelection and some reporter has taken the time to dig up the tapes of their campaign, so that they can hold said politician’s toes to the fire. But then, Trump isn’t a politician.

The truly good news about this is that the moves he’s making are the things that mainstream Americans have complained about for years. In a way it’s kind of funny; that a man who has spent his whole life as a Democrat, is acting like the most conservative Republican president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan. He’s going after things that most Republican Presidents are afraid to touch, for fear of what the media will say about them.

Of course, as we’ve all seen, Trump isn’t intimidated by the liberal mainstream media. His running war with them during the campaign is still going on, and if anything, is escalating. Sean Spicer, Trump’s Press Secretary, has made it very clear that the new normal in the press briefing room is much different than the old normal. Even the AP wire service is feeling it, as for the first time, they aren’t being called on for their questions. For that matter, the mainstream networks and newspapers aren’t either.

This is actually a brilliant move by either Spicer or Trump, as reporters are experts at framing their questions in such a way as to get the answer they want. In the past, that answer has always been something they could use to make Republican politicians look bad. They controlled the narrative, giving them the ability to control the “hot button” issues.

But now we have conservative news sources controlling the narrative, which is adding fuel to the fire of demonstrating how partisan the leftist news organizations truly are. Their credibility, already largely destroyed by the campaign, is still sinking lower, as amazing as that may seem.

Some of Trump’s official actions in this week have been totally predictable, such as his reinstating of the “Mexico City policy” that blocks US tax dollars from funding abortions overseas. Ever since the time of Regan, Republican Presidents have done that, while Democrat Presidents have funded those abortions. He was merely following in the footsteps of other Republicans before him.

Approving the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Dakota Access pipelines also fall into the category of totally predictable actions. Obama’s blocking of those pipelines was purely ideological, denying those projects in favor of environmentalists. Since there was no well thought out reasoning against it, it’s not surprising that Trump would approve those projects. The same can be said for Obamacare, which he wasted no time in attacking, even if he’s waiting for Congress to act on the majority of it.

While liberals have been bemoaning most of what Trump has done, he’s starting to win over some very important Democrats. I’m specifically talking about him winning over the unions. Trump’s Executive Order pulling the United States out of the TPP has won praise from some of the largest unions in the country. That one move helps jobs and that’s what the unions are all about.

But the biggest thing that Trump has done happened just because of who he is, what he stands for and that he won the presidency. That is, he’s changed the climate of America. For the last eight years, we’ve seen a huge acceleration of the liberalizing of America. Obama worked overtime to push the country as fast as he could towards the extreme left. Liberals controlled Washington (even though Republicans held both houses of Congress) and through that, they controlled America.

But that is no more. The liberals have been pushed back to the fringe, rather than holding center stage. They no longer control much of anything, except for those Democrat strongholds that still exist. But they no longer have the say as to what happens in this country.

The funny thing about that, is that the liberals haven’t figured it out yet. They’re holding their “demonstrations,” destroying property, and even sitting out the inauguration. But in the end, none of that makes a difference. Trump and the Republican controlled Congress will pass the laws that they want to and turn this country back in a more conservative direction, and they can’t stop it.

That’s not to say they won’t try. I think we can expect to see the liberal temper-tantrum last through Trump’s entire presidency. Violent groups, like Black Lives Matter, will continue to riot and destroy; causing problems wherever they can. That’s a real danger we face. There’s really no way to predict how far their destruction will go, as their rage continues. As many have already said, these groups are nothing more than domestic terrorists; so we need to be ready to deal with them as such.

That’s a good reason to keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

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