Training for Defending Yourself From an Active Shooter

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

kleboldandharrisRecent shootings in San Francisco, Chattanooga and Lafayette, Louisiana have me checking my guns and reviewing my training once again. As a “concealed carrier” I always review such situations, thinking through how I could have reacted, had I been in the situation. Part of this is just relating to what I’m hearing in the news; but another part is valuable training. Thinking through such situations gives me the opportunity to mentally prepare plans for the time when I might be the person who has to defend themselves.

Sadly, few people who carry concealed are actually trained to deal with an active shooter situation. There’s much more to being able to react than just having a gun. Whether you have taken advantage of my book on how to make a ghost gun or have bought one to defend yourself with; there’s much more to defensive shooting than just owning a gun.

Let’s face it; the average gun owner doesn’t shoot enough. To really get good with a gun, especially with a pistol, you need to be on the range at least once a week, if not more. The fundamentals of shooting are fairly simple and straightforward; but putting them into practice and getting that nice tight group we all want takes a lot of time sending a lot of lead downrange.

But, target shooting isn’t enough. Granted, that’s an important starting place, but that’s really all it is. You need that tight group, because when things turn real you’re shooting ability is going to be downgraded by about 80%. That means if you’re used to shooting four inch groups, you’re going to find yourself shooting 20 inch groups instead.

That’s not all. I have yet to see a criminal who stands there like a bulls-eye and lets you shoot them. They’ll be moving, shooting back at you and otherwise being a pain in the whatever. If you’re not ready to deal with a shooter that’s moving, you’re just plain not ready.

Then there’s the issue of light. Have you ever tried shooting in low light? Does your gun have tritium sights on it, so that you can see them in low light? Criminals love the dark and shooting in a low light situation is a whole other ballgame. Unless you and your gun are ready for it, it might not matter how good a shot you are.

Like I said, shooting in an active shooting situation is much different than just target shooting. That’s why you should take up tactical shooting. Most shooting ranges offer tactical shooting events on a regular basis. They may have one night a week that the range is reserved for that or it might be at a particular time on Saturdays. It really doesn’t matter when it is, what matters is that you take the opportunity and the training it offers.

In a tactical shoot you’re shooting at a number of silhouette targets, arranged to create a simulation of a real-life shooting incident. In some scenarios, targets might be moving or partially hidden behind a wall. There might be innocents or even hostages to deal with. You have to figure out your priorities and take out the targets as fast as you can. Each stage of the shoot is different and shooters shoot individually, competing against the clock.

While not the real thing, the pressure of that clock makes it seem amazingly real. I’ll guarantee you, the first time you go, you’ll be amazed at how poorly you shoot, even if you’re an expert shot. But the realism of the shoot makes it an excellent training aid, giving you the opportunity to experience something akin to that one time when it all turns real.

If you have a gun (and I hope you do) and especially if you carry one (I also hope you do this) you need all the practice you can get. The worst thing in the world would be to face off against a criminal who is killing people and not be ready. Rather than punch their ticket, they might punch yours; or even worse, your lack of preparation could cause you to kill some innocent bystander or even a loved one. That’s a price that’s just too high.

Owning and carrying guns is a God-give right, guaranteed to us under the Constitution. But it’s also an important responsibility. There are too many people who are watching, just waiting for a legal gun owner to do something wrong; kill an innocent bystander; go off on a rampage or just have an accident with a gun. We can’t afford to let that happen.

Please don’t take this wrong. I’m not trying to scare you off from owning guns or even carrying them. All I’m asking of you is that you get some realistic training. That way, you’re going to become more effective with that gun. When the time comes to use it, your family and your community will thank you for the time you spent on the range, developing the skills to use it right.

So, what say you? Shall we meet on the range?

Till next time, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand,

Dr. Rich

PS: Gun owners need to see this before it’s banned.

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