Is it Time to Worry About Our Guns?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

For eight years, those of us who own guns worried about what former president Barack Obama would do to try and destroy the Second Amendment. Time after time he said something in a speech, which left conservatives both wondering and concerned about the possible consequences. At the end, all he really managed to do was some really good marketing for gun manufacturers, growing the gun industry by 158% during his years in office.

Now it is looking like his Vice President may have won the election and the potential president-elect is already making noise about coming after our guns. While it is widely accepted that he would have to get legislation passed to really make a dent in gun ownership; that may not be the case. If there’s anything the Democrat Party has proven they are good at, it’s to find ways around laws and the legislative system, to enact their policies.

One such way is to create new regulations, based upon already existing laws. Former president Obama didn’t do that with the ATF, but he did do it quite effectively with the EPA. On the other hand, President Trump actually used a redefinition through the ATF to make bump stocks illegal. Now that he’s opened that door, the question is whether a potential President Biden would do the same for other things, like the AR-15 and normal capacity magazines.

Such action could turn into a major legal battle, perhaps even ending up in the Supreme Court. But the justices of that highest court in our land have shown a real reluctance to try Second Amendment cases in the past. Would they change now and support our rights? That is yet to be seen.

While we still don’t know who has won the presidential election, it seems prudent to at least start thinking about what to do, if such an action was undertaken by the ATF under that leadership. Besides, even if he doesn’t win and doesn’t do it, there will probably come a time when some other Democrat president does. So it only makes sense to figure out how to protect ourselves.

The first option is the worst, that’s to buckle under and get rid of our AR-15s and anything else it looks like they would go after. I don’t advocate this option; merely mention it as a possibility.

The second option is to just not register our guns or participate in any “buyback,” if that becomes mandated. There have been some efforts to do that on the state level, with very poor results. It is estimated that only 10% of owners actually registered their guns.

The risk with this is that the ATF probably already knows who has bought an AR-15, or any other sort of gun for that matter. While it is illegal for them to create a federal gun registry, I’ve seen evidence that there are “local files” in ATF offices, showing who has bought what in their area. All it would take is pulling those local files together and they’d have a nationwide database.

I just don’t trust the government on this one. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we’ve already seen how the NSA spies on US citizens, breaking the law to do so. With that being the case, why would we think they would be any better at protecting our rights in regards to any other law?

Finally, we can make sure that we keep our guns off the grid. This may mean hiding guns that we already own, so that they can’t be found if our homes are searched. It can also mean having AR-15s and other guns that are made from 80% lowers, so that there is no record that can be used to easily trace those guns back to us. Of course, they could use the sales records of those 80% lowers to trace ownership, but they aren’t serial numbered, so they couldn’t identify them.

If you don’t have any guns made from 80% lowers, you might want to give it a try. It’s actually a rather rewarding project, for those who have a workshop at home. If you buy the components for cash, there won’t be any record. That would truly be a gun that’s off the grid.

The point is, as long as there are those who want to take our guns away from us, our Second Amendment rights are at risk. How much of a risk goes up and down, depending on who is in office and who is in the legislature; but then never go away.

We’ve had a good four years as gun owners, and I hope it isn’t over. Even so, I think it’s time to take some precautions, just to make sure that we’re safe. Nobody knows what tomorrow may hold.

It’s really just another way of keeping ourselves ready; just like keeping our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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