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Subject: The ‘GMO Killer’ from 14AD

Attention:  There’s a war going on at your dinner table.

Monsanto, The White House, and the FDA are determined to force their poisonous, health-destroying GMOs on innocent Americans.


Alert: Would you eat the food the man in the “haz mat” suit is spraying?

They’ll even sue states and farmers to make sure that you never know what they’re hiding in your food.

The World Health Organization just declared Roundup and Monsanto’s lethal pesticides and herbicides a ‘known carcinogen.’

Luckily, we’re fighting back.  Thanks to an invention first discovered in the year 14 AD, but long since forgotten, you can too.

Take back control of your food supply, your survival,  and your family’s health WITH THIS.

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PS: I know you have a lot of demands on your time, but I encourage you to find out the truth about this poisonous scourge on Americans NOW before you start feeling the horrible side effects like I did.


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Subject: QUIZ: What can a Roman Emperor teach us about survival?

This simple survival device could change how you look at your food supply – and your health – forever.

What is it?

It’s an easy way to stop GMOs and pesticides from destroying your health.

I should know, I was almost killed by these poisonous chemicals that touch nearly every ounce of food we eat.

We can’t even depend on supposedly ‘healthy’ grocery chains, Obama or the FDA.  They are all in on the conspiracy to destroy our food plant by plant.

The key to your health, and your survival in a real crisis, is to take control of your food production with this weird little device from 14AD.

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PS: I can speak about this personally because GMOs nearly killed me a few years ago.  Thank GOD I found the cure, and this ancient secret holds the key to it all.


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Subject: Inside –> The FDA & Monsanto Conspiracy to Poison Americans


There’s a war going on at your dinner table.


Monsanto has monopolized our food supply with the help of Obama, the FDA and the United Nations.

Obama talking

And they won’t stop there. No, they won’t be happy until they not only control your food supply, but poison it with pesticides, herbicides and GMOs.

Even the United Nations wants to control your garden with the mysterious Agenda 21. President Obama even signed off on this atrocity with Executive Order 13603.

Fortunately, a ‘freedom fighting folk hero’ has discovered a new way to take your food ‘off the grid’ forever. And now he’s fighting back.

This long-forgotten device was invented in 14AD by a Roman emperor to protect his own food from murderous traitors. Sound familiar?

Discover this stupid-simple device, and the mouth-wateringly delicious food it produces, right here.

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PS: All that ‘survival food’ you have stored away for a crisis is fine and good, but only a fool believes they can survive on it for the long term. In the event of a true long-term disaster, you’ll need to produce your own food. This ‘GMO Killer from 14AD’ is the easy way to do just that.


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Subject: Killer Monsanto Cover-Up? Obama and FDA Plan to Hide the Truth

Guess who’s most to blame for poisoning American’s food?
We all know how our grocery stores are now filled with toxic ‘frankenfood.’ Who, in your opinion, is the most to blame for poisoning Americans?  (click to vote)

Let your voice be heard and let me know your thoughts…

Sign off

P.S. See who it is here. (Note: It’s not who you think.)


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GMOs Poisoning  Your Food (v2) GIF 728x90 GMOs Poisoning  Your Food (v2) 728x90

GMOs Poisoning  Your Food (v2) GIF 728x90