This One step May Have Saved Sandra Bullock’s Life

Have you heard the 911 tape of movie star Sandra Bullock calling the police while hiding from a deranged stalker in her locked closet?

If you haven’t – or if you want to share it with friends – you can listen to it at the Fox News Insider website.


Actually, I’d like you to listen to it right now because there’s an important fact mentioned by Sandra that most of the media didn’t pick up on – but I did.

It’s a fact that I want to share with you because it points to something that could save your life if you are ever the victim of a home invasion.

Here’s the link: “Hear Sandra Bullock’s Frantic 911 Call During Break-In”

Scroll down the page a bit to the actual recording and give it a listen.

Did you listen carefully?

If you did, you should have noticed that Sandra wasn’t just locked in her closet.

In fact, what she tells the 911 operator is:

“I’m locked in my closet. I have a safe door in my bedroom and I’ve locked it and I’m locked in the closet right now…”

In that quick statement, made by Sandra with an understandably scared and quivering voice, is a small but crucial detail.

Sandra has a “safe door” for her bedroom door.

In other words, she has created a Safe Room out of her bedroom – some call it a Panic Room – which she was able to barricade herself in while waiting for the police to arrive. In short, I guarantee what she has is a reinforced door with a reinforced locking system that makes the door almost impenetrable.

That is a great lesson for everyone.

Whether you call it a “Safe Room,” a “Panic Room,” or a “Defensible Space,” every household should have a room that is secured by far more than just an ordinary door with ordinary locks.

In that way, you and/or your family can buy as much time as possible if an intruder breaks into your home and you need safe shelter until the police arrive. [Or, if properly armed and trained, the ability to defend that room with deadly force]

Do you have a Safe Room? A Defensible Space?

It could save your life or the lives of your loved ones.

Share your thoughts with me at [email protected]

Be safe, secure and free!

Rob Douglas – Privacy and Security Consultant


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