The Trump Effect

Dear Fellow Survivalist,

I think everyone in the country has been wondering what Donald Trump’s presidency is going to be like. The fact the he’s not a politician has people wondering exactly what he’s going to do as the president. While those on the left are running scared; those on the right are waiting and watching, hoping that this gamble is going to pay off well.

Of course, it’s going to be some time before we really know how well Trump is going to do as a president, but he’s making a lot of noise like he’s going to be a good one. By all appearances, he’s assembling a good team of people to work with him, and he’s doing a lot of planning, with most of it focused on undoing some of the mess that his predecessor has created over the last eight years.

There’s still plenty to make people on both sides of the political spectrum nervous; although I haven’t seen a thing to cause the outright fear that the left is experiencing. But, then again, they are listening to the mainstream media and all the lies they are telling about him.

Like many others, I’ve been watching the news, to see what is happening; but I’m not watching the mainstream news, who has universally decided that their job is to oppose him as president and make him look bad. But you can still find truth in the alternative media, especially some of the more conservative sites. And I’ve got to say, I like some of what I’m seeing. Oh, I’m seeing plenty that I don’t like, but there are a few good things that seem to be happening. One, in particular, which I feel bodes well for the country and especially for our economy. That is, the Trump effect.

I’m not sure who coined the term “Trump effect” but it seems to be very real. Specifically, it’s affecting major corporations and how they do business. Corporate heads are changing their thinking and directing their people to do so as well. Specifically, they’re trying to avoid Trump’s wrath and his quick wit that he demonstrates on his Twitter account.

Probably the best example of what’s happening has been with Ford Motor Company. They were in negotiations to build a 1.6 billion dollar factory in Mexico and move some of their work there. But after Trump made his opinion known on Twitter, the executives at Ford miraculously changed their mind. Rather than send work to Mexico, they’re investing about half of that money in one of their plants in Michigan, modernizing it and keeping jobs here. In fact, they will probably be hiring more people.

This isn’t the only example of the Trump effect, it’s just the one everyone knows about. But corporate executives have learned from it and the other examples out there. What they’ve learned is that Trump doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to jobs. He wants those jobs to stay in America and he has no problem villainizing a company who even talks about moving jobs offshore.

So why should that matter? It’s not really because those corporations are afraid of Trump and what he’ll say; it’s because they’re afraid of the 62 million people who voted for him. In other words, they’re afraid that Trump tweeting negatively about them will cause those 62 million potential customers to look elsewhere for the products they need to buy.

Somehow, people keep forgetting that Trump is a master at promoting his ideas. He managed to run his entire presidential campaign, spending half of what Clinton did on television advertising. He was months into the primaries before he aired his first commercial. He hadn’t needed to air one till then, as he’d managed to keep the media’s attention fixed on him.

So what does this mean? It means that the businessman who is headed to the White House, is already working to help the economy. He’s using his skills and the tools at his disposal, to get others to do what he wants; and what he wants is jobs for Americans who are out of work. It may not be good politics, but he’s succeeding in doing something that American politicians have strove for constantly. Without sending a single bill through Congress, creating a single regulation or issuing a single executive order, Trump is making a difference.

But there’s a dark side to this story as well. That is, in doing what he is doing, he’s creating enemies. Many of the global elite already hate him and now other countries are seeing him as stealing jobs from them. I was in Mexico recently and people were talking about the jobs he stole, by getting Ford to keep their factory in the United States.

The thing is, in making America strong, Trump will have to do things that others may not like. They won’t see that a strong America is good for the world. They won’t understand that as America’s economy improves, it will help their economy as well. All they’ll see, like those people in Mexico saw, is that jobs they were hoping would move from the USA to their country, aren’t moving after all.

Ultimately, this could cause more enemies for the United States overseas. Trump’s strong-arm tactics may make America strong; but I’m wondering at what price. Hopefully, it won’t be a price in increased terrorism or an increase in criminals from other countries coming here to practice their trades.

As always, keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

– Chris and Dr. Rich

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