The Increasing Threat of Leftist Violence

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

The recent spate of supposed bombs, supposedly mailed to various high-profile Democrat politicians, has been covered ad-nausea by the mainstream press. Only those on the left believe the story; while the rest of us see too many holes in it to accept it. But either way, that hasn’t stopped the media from laying the blame for the delivery of these non-functional bombs on President Trump’s doorstep.

Their reasoning for this seems to be that Trump’s ongoing war with the media is responsible for it. If that were true, why was it that only one media personality at one media outlet received one of those packages? How can it even be his fault, when he hasn’t ever said anything about doing such an act?

But the reality is that a disturbed person, who has a long history of illegal acts is the one who has been caught and accused of committing these acts. Although registered as a Republican, the accused was a lifelong Democrat until recent times and still follows all liberal personalities on social media. If he’s a Republican operative as the media is trying to portray, then why doesn’t his story hold up under even the simplest questioning?

The president isn’t inciting violence. But there are those in politics who are. And all of them are on the political left. More and more we keep hearing leftist politicians, pundits and celebrities talk about violence in the streets. Some are merely making threats about what is likely to come, while others are openly telling people to commit acts of violence against Republicans.

While most of this violent rhetoric is being aimed at the left, there is a risk of it spreading and expanding. If it does, there is the risk of it spreading to include you and I as well. We have all seen reports of acts of violence committed against people for nothing more than wearing a MAGA hat or a t-shirt that supports Donald Trump.

There doesn’t seem to be anyone on the left who is calling for restraint at this time, which means that the type of rhetoric we’re hearing is just going to continue and escalate. There’s no way that they are going to listen to a voice of reason from the opposing party and if there isn’t one from their own, there is nothing to control them, except the law.

The thing is, these people know just how far they can push, without crossing the line where their actions are illegal. While some of what they have done may seem illegal to you and I, most of it is in what would be considered by the courts to be grey area. That’s especially disturbing in areas where the appropriate courts are populated by leftist judges, who are essentially in agreement with the actions of those who are causing the problems.

While there are actually more conservatives in the country than there are liberals, the left holds some very important ground. Specifically, they control the majority of the mainstream media, the majority of Hollywood and many of the federal courts. This provides them with a huge amount of leverage, which they use very effectively to protect themselves and vilify those of us who are not with them.

So, what do we do? One obvious action is to protect ourselves by voting. But that’s not going to be enough in the coming years. It has become increasingly clear that our opponents on the left are working towards creating open conflict within our borders. We must be cautious of this.

Part of that is we must be on constant guard to not embroil ourselves in disagreements with those on the left. I don’t mean that we have to be quiet about our beliefs, just that we don’t need to engage in the controversy that they want to create. If they are spouting off on social media, we don’t need to respond. If they are demonstrating in the streets, we don’t need to get involved there either.

We cannot allow ourselves to drop to the level at which they are operating. For one thing, much of it is illegal and we put ourselves at risk of going to jail. For another their friends in the media are just waiting for us to do just that, so they can make us out to be the bad guys. We can’t win at that level.

We must take the moral high ground, regardless of whether or not the media sees it that way. Our friends and neighbors, We the People, will see it that way and ultimately that’s what matters. Either the media will eventually get it right or they are going to become a victim of their own actions.

At the same time, we must also recognize that the danger is real and so we must be ready to defend ourselves and our families. But we must be sure that any court would agree that it was necessary and that our actions were committed in self-defense. Should those on the left declare open warfare and start taking to the streets to hurt those who are not on their side, we will be faced with a difficult decision; but ultimately, we must defend those we love.

The best defense in the kind of situation we find ourselves in is to avoid conflict at all. Even if you do have to defend your family, and do so successfully, you will end up losing in other ways. There is no true win for us in the coming violence.

Should this turn into an actual civil war, then it will be time for violence; but not until then. At that time, our superior numbers, arms and training will win the day. But we will only win, if they fire the shot that starts the battle. In any other way, we will be declared guilty and we will be the ones to lose.

So be cautious, but be prepared. Keep your powder dry, your temper in check, and your survival gear close at hand.

Chris and Dr. Rich

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