The Danger of “Peaceful Protest”

We’ve all seen the insanity of the Democrat Party and those who are members of it over the last couple of months. Ever since the elections in November, they’ve been working overtime to disprove the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. Some of that has taken part in the political sphere, while other parts have taken to the streets.

One of the rights guaranteed to us in the First Amendment is the right of free assembly. The same amendment guarantees us the right to petition the government for a redress of our grievances. While that might sound like it only means a formal, written petition, historically the government has taken a demonstration as a petition. So, it’s actually a part of the American tradition to see protesters on the street, demonstrating peacefully, if loudly, airing their grievances and awaiting a response from the government.

But there’s a caveat there in the First Amendment. It says “peaceful assembly,” not just any assembly. So, while the Constitution and Bill of Rights limits the government, here is at least one place where it limits the people. We are only allowed to assemble peacefully.

But I can’t say that’s what’s been happening over the last couple of years. Groups like Black Lives Matter have taken to the street in anything but a peaceful demonstration. Those demonstrations, fueled by agitators who were being paid by one of George Soros’ many non-profit organizations, made sure that they kept those demonstrations anything but peaceful. Using the anger of the grassroots demonstrators as fuel, they lit the spark, turning the demonstration into a riot.

This is one of the new tactics of the political left and it’s one that we can expect to see continuing throughout Trump’s presidency. There have been ads in at least 20 cities, across the nation, hiring professional demonstrators to become part of the “hit squad,” pretending to be part of the legitimate demonstrators and igniting that spark.

Of course, with paid demonstrators being bused in to these events, it’s hard to say that they are grass roots at all. I’d have to say they’re not. What they are, are highly organized political events, designed to cause disruption and disorder to society.

That’s scary. People are actually being paid to cause riots, here in the United States. That’s the type of thing you expect to hear about in some third-world dictatorship, where the people don’t have any say in their government. It’s a long-standing tool of revolutionaries; and now we’re seeing it used here at home, apparently with the same goal of revolution.

Some on the left have promised continuous, ongoing demonstrations against Trump’s presidency. Amongst them, the liberal filmmaker Michael Moore has called for “100 days of resistance” against Trump. He started it the night before the inauguration and apparently has plant to keep it rolling for the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency.

I’m not sure what Moore or any of the others expect to accomplish with their demonstrations and rabid complaints about losing the election; but it’s clear they have the right to complain and demonstrate… as long as they keep it peaceful.

But herein lies the danger. The left has already proven that they have trouble keeping their demonstrations peaceful. They have a powerful financier behind them, who has demonstrated his willingness to pay for violence in these demonstrations. So, where is there any hope that they will stay peaceful? Isn’t it more likely that those demonstrations will become violent, following the example of other left-wing demonstrations we’ve seen?

If that’s the case, then the chances of riots have just increased dramatically. That’s a concern for you and I, because riots are indiscriminate. The people participating in those riots don’t care who they attack, they just want to attack someone. If you’re not part of them, then you’re a likely target.

These sorts of things tend to build upon themselves. So, not only can we expect to see a constant string of violent demonstrations, we can also expect them to become more violent as time goes on. Like a drug addict who needs to increase the size of their fix, the mobs will want to commit greater and greater atrocities, so as to capture the attention of the nation.

In this, we might actually see some self-fulfilled prophecy on the part of the left. Many of them are running scared, due to fear-mongering about Trump turning against them. Of course, there’s not one shred of evidence that he’s going to do that, but they don’t care. They’re listening to a narrative that has tried him and found him guilty, all based upon the imaginations of the left-wing media. So when the police start arresting the violent demonstrators, you can expect the media to tell us how this was part of Trump’s plan all along.

But for you and I, the most important thing is to stay out of the way of these demonstrations. There is no real way to defeat a mob alone; you’ve got to get away before they get you. Once the mob mentality sets in, they are about as dangerous as a pack of rabid dogs… and you can’t shoot them. For that matter, you can’t carry enough ammo to shoot them all.

So, stay alert to what’s going on in your area. If there is a call going out for demonstrations, give it a wide berth. Don’t even go in the area, especially to see what’s going on. Let the news media do that, if they dare, even though you can’t be sure of their reporting.

And like always, keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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