Thank You – SRI Renewal

Welcome BACK to the Self-Reliance Association!

Thank you so much for staying on the path to securing your freedom and independence!

I am going to make sure you get maximum value out of this subscription.

First, I’ve attached your free digital copy of my latest book, A Citizen’s Guide to Common Scams and How to Protect Yourself. It will be coming out soon for $37. Click here to download/open up the file. Then, once it’s open, save it to your computer (usually, hover your mouse over the bottom, right-hand corner of the page, and click the Save icon.)

Secondly, a few housekeeping things:

1. You can check out our past article archives for the Institute here:

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4. We’ll also send out our monthly newsletter around the first Saturday of the month with the Off Grid Money series, interviews, and my personal essay.

5. You can access the Privacy Lockdown Dashboard here: Stay tuned for more too, I have a lot of ideas for our society here and would love to have your feedback on what you want to learn about.

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Thanks for being one of us!

Chris Peterson, Privacy Advocate Freedom Writers Publishing