Surviving the Coming Civil War?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

About a month ago I wrote about the threat of continued violence in the event that President Trump wins reelection as president. I don’t normally like revisiting topics, especially so quickly, but I’ve come across some new information in this area and I feel it’s important to pass this along, as it could affect your ability to defend yourself, when the time comes.

The first thing was a Rasmussen poll stating that 62% of Americans polled feel that we are on the brink of a civil war. While there has been talk about the potential of a civil war for a number of years, the percentage of people who took it seriously were never anywhere near that high. Granted, as with any poll, we’ve got to take it with a grain of salt; but this is a conservative-leaning polling organization, not one with a reputation for exaggerating things. The only real question is who was included in the poll.

But that’s not the big concern. As I look at that number, the term “self-fulfilling prophecy” comes to mind. When that many people believing that a civil war is imminent, there’s a potential for people to take actions that they wouldn’t otherwise take, making the civil war happen.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be prepared to defend ourselves or that we shouldn’t defend ourselves. What I’m saying is that we don’t want to be the ones to fire the first shot. Should that shot come, or should those shots come, they needs to be from the groups who have been behind all the violence that has been racking our country for the last few months.

The other surprising thing that has come out, through another survey, is that 39% of Democrats now have guns in their homes. I’ve always been a firm supporter of the Second Amendment and that extends to Democrats too. That right doesn’t just exist for the 57% of Republicans households which have them.

What this means is that the idea so many have had, where it was thought that pretty much all the privately owned guns in the country were in the hands of conservatives, is wrong. While conservatives are still the vast majority, there are enough on the other side with guns, to cause plenty of problems. How many of that 39% are also involved in the recent violence or are in support of it is anyone’s guess. But if many of them are, or are heeding the warnings that things will get more violent if Biden doesn’t win, we could easily see armed violence break out, a definite escalation from what’s been happening.

The big question in all this, is where are the Police, National Guard and Army going to be in all this. That’s actually going to be a political question more than anything else. With some police departments being defunded by their city councils, the hands of the police may be tied. The same can happen with the National Guard, as a governor who supports the rioters could decide not to call them out.

On a national level things get even more complicated. There are severe restrictions on what the president can do to use the military within the United States. While there are some emergency provisions, even those are limited.

But there’s another potential problem with the military. That is, during his two terms as president former president Obama did a purge of the upper levels of military officers, forcing over 200 generals and admirals into retirement. From the best information that I have seen, many of those put in their places were either loyal to the Democrat Party or to Obama himself. While Trump promised to purge those officers, I have seen nothing to indicate that he has.

So the issue might be, will the military support Trump if he wins? Or will the upper levels of the military see a close race or undeclared states as an opportunity to take control under martial law, get rid of Trump and put Biden in the Oval Office? There’s no way of knowing. It’s a wild card at the moment.

So where does this leave you and I? For one thing, I think it’s important that we suppress any urges to rush out and defend our cities from the hoards. While I’m sure you want to, just as I do, we must obey the law and allow those who are supposed to do that to do so. We shouldn’t get involved unless we have to.

While we ultimately might have to get involved, we need to be sure that’s the case, before we do so. That would mean that the police and military are constrained from dealing with the violence as a criminal matter and the mob rule is being allowed to take over. As long as the police or military are involved, they’re going to see anyone out there with a gun as a potential bad guy and enemy. Trying to help could put us in jail, alongside those who we are trying to protect the country from.

Yes, we should be ready to defend our country, if we need to. But before that, we need to be ready to defend our homes and family. That’s our primary job. With as many unknowns as there are right now, we need to ready to lock ourselves in our homes and defend them. That might mean staying in for quite some time, so make sure you’ve got enough food and water to last.

It’s just being prepared, just like keeping our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand. Just make sure that the survival gear includes your gun and plenty of ammo.

Dr. Rich

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