Surviving Mob Violence

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

The election of Donald Trump to the presidency has been met by unprecedented violence by his political opponents. Ever since inauguration day, liberals across the country have been turning out in droves to protest his presidency. These aren’t normal protests, where the protestors have specific grievances they want addressed, but rather a public hissy fit, where they are gathered together for nothing more than to express their outrage that Trump won the election.

I suppose we shouldn’t be too surprised at this; after all, liberals have been practicing this sort of protest for the last few years now, with Former President Obama’s approval and applause as he watched from the sidelines. Rather than doing his job and restoring order, he chose to invite the leaders of Black Lives Matter to the White House, so that he could tell them that he stands behind their work.

There’s another person who stands behind this sort of work as well, the infamous George Soros. It has become clear that these violent uprisings are being funded directly from Soros’ deep pockets. They’re not even doing it in secret anymore, but rather advertising openly for paid agitators to protest.

This creates an explosive environment, where violence has become the norm, rather than the exception. Paid agitators, bussed in for the event, can quickly turn any crowd into a mob; and when that happens, the mob mentality takes over.

In a nutshell, the psychology of mob mentality is that you can do any atrocity you want, because there are no consequences. Your identity is hidden by the mob, so chances of criminal prosecution are minimized. With that thought in mind, it’s easy for people to let loose and let go, doing things that they otherwise would never participate in, such as turning over vehicles and setting them on fire.

Thanks to Obama and Soros, we now face the risk of this reality every day of our lives, especially if we live in a major metropolitan area. So it’s up to us to avoid becoming a victim; nobody else can protect us. Even if the police are present, it takes time for police to break up such violence, time in which you or I can easily become the next target.

Here are five rules for dealing with the risk of mob violence and avoiding becoming their next victim:


The best possible thing you can do is to avoid being where the mob is. That requires being aware of what’s going on in your city and especially the area around you. Mobs take time to form and be whipped up into a violent emotional state. So it is possible to avoid getting anywhere near a potential mob.

Keep your ears glued to the local news. If you have a local radio station that’s good at keeping people abreast of what’s going on in the city, make it a habit to listen to that station, especially while driving. Riots and other mob violence are the types of things that radio stations interrupt their programming to announce. So, an ear to the radio is a good way of knowing what’s happening.

Speaking of radios, the police use radios to communicate with one another. A police scanner, tuned to the police and sheriff’s frequencies in your area, will give you a huge amount of information about what’s going on. It will take some time to get used to filtering out the routine garbage, but once you do, your ear will be tuned to the important announcements.

Don’t forget social media either, as that’s the way that the protesters will spread the word. If you can find local groups which are likely to be involved in such activities and follow their posts, you’ll get advance warning on anything they are doing.

With this information in hand, all you have to do is avoid the areas where these groups are congregating. Considering how well the liberal left has demonstrated their ability to turn any supposedly peaceful demonstration into a violent one, this is one case where discretion really is the better part of valor. Stay away and your family won’t become a target.

Stay Alert

Even with the best news sources in the world, you could still find yourself unexpectedly in the midst of a large crowd, which turns into a protest. No information source is perfect and even the most violent groups know how to use a little OPSEC to hide their intentions. Rather than gathering a crowd, they might just go to where a crowd is already gathered for some other reason, and instigate a violent protest there.

But that doesn’t mean that there won’t be any warning signs at all. Keep your head on a swivel and your eyes out of your smartphone. That way, you’ll see what’s going on around you. If you see even the faintest indication that something is about to go down, get out of there. You may only have moments to act.

Don’t Resist

Whatever you do, don’t try to resist a mob. Even if you’re legally armed, there’s nothing you can do. There are just plain more of them, than you have bullets; so even if you score a 10 on every shot, you’re still going to be overwhelmed. Besides, pulling a gun will just paint a target on your own back.

I remember being caught in a major demonstration in Mexico once. I suddenly found my van surrounded by a mob of people, protesting about some fool thing or other. Being a foreigner, I was an attractive target for them, because they felt that if they could hold me hostage, the government would have to pay attention. Fortunately for me, greed won out, and my companion (a Mexican doctor) bribed a couple of the demonstrators to let us go.

But the results weren’t as good for another vehicle I remember seeing in another demonstration. They decided to try and gently push their way through the crowd with their car. It wasn’t long before the protesters targeted their car and turned it over, dragging them out of it to beat them. Wrong choice.

Blend In

When mob mentality takes over, you’re either part of the mob or you’re a potential target. So, the best way to avoid becoming a target is to camouflage yourself as part of the mob. Do what they do. If they are chanting, chant along with them. If they are shouting, then you shout too. When they raise a fist in defiance, get yours up in the air. Whatever they start doing, you do too, as long as it’s not illegal.

The best thing, for you, is if the crowd starts moving in a particular direction. Then you can move along with the crowd, just moving more slowly. That way, the crowd will gradually move away from you, putting you on the fringe.

Work Your Way Out

Ultimately, you want to work your way out of any crowd or mob. But you need to do that slowly and circumspectly. Don’t make a bee-line for the closest exit. That will mark you as not being part of the mob. Rather, move in short stages, at an oblique angle to your exit point. As best you can, make it look like you’re moving for some other reason, such as to get closer to a friend. That sort of movement happens all the time, so it doesn’t stand out.

As you’re moving, keep your eyes open for a place where you can disappear in the blink of an eye; that will become your exit point. It might be an alleyway that you can duck down or a store that you can go into. Perhaps the crowd will be marching down a street, and you can just not turn the corner when everyone else does. It has to be something where the chances of anyone seeing you are minimized.

You can work your way out of the crowd. It just takes time. Then, once you’re out, you can call for someone to come pick you up. Don’t have them meet you where you are, but rather a few blocks away, well beyond the extent of the crowd. That way, you won’t put them in danger.

While this may not be the time for shooting; it is the time to stay ready. Keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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