Stalking your kids with photos?

A friend emailed this to me this week.  This needs your attention right away, because even you don’t have a smart phone, I bet you have loved ones or friends that do.

And anyone who has a smartphone has pictures.  This news story shows how easily someone can tell exactly where you just took and posted a picture:

So a stalker or thief can find your picture on sharing sites like Facebook and Fotobucket, and then tell exactly where you just took it too.  You think they might use this for evil?

So what can you do?  Of course we have answers:

  • First off go get the latest version of the book we just revised:
  • Check out Chapter 7, where we have a brand new smart phone section
  • Turn off geo-caching, where the phone records where you’ve been, we go over this in detail in the book.
  • Then take a look at Chapter 5 where we covert social media.  We’ll walk you through how to turn your privacy settings up to the max, which is critical.

Even if you don’t want to mess with the smart phone settings, turning your photo sharing and social media privacy settings will help immensely and should be standard practice for anyone.

As always, looking out for you.

Chris Peterson, Privacy Expert

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