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Surprise Bonus #1!

The simple skill of building your own ammunition may be the most critical thing anyone can learn in 2017 – as I’ve noticed “artificial ammo,” shortages and purchasing limitations are still here post Trump’s election.

I have a few ideas why – but I’d rather focus on a self reliant solutions.

So I figured I’d shoot you this FREE Ammo building book, that may overlap some solid gun information in other books I have sent you – because the AMMO creating section is a key source of knowledge.

Take a look below – and add it to your library if you want the ability to be loaded – when all the ammo’s gone.

I think they only have a few hundred copies.


URGENT Warning for Gun Owners: Get this Free Book Before Ammo Shortages SKY ROCKET…

Be careful what you wish for…

Our great country is more divided than it has ever been.

Trump is easily the most hated Republican President in recent memory (by liberals and conservatives alike).

If you think the violence and turmoil in our country over the past year have been bad, just wait for what happens next. We’re likely to see increased chaos, looting and possible anarchy in some American cities…

This will lead to ammunition shortages – and limited access to firearms.

That’s why you need to know how to make your own AMMO and set up your long-term firearms survival plan today.

This Firearms Survival Guide – tells you how to make 1,000’s of bullets a day.  (and it’s cheaper and easier than you think.)


You won’t find this book in any book stores and gun grabbers don’t want you to know it even exists!

Here’s a few of the things you’ll learn in this valuable book…

  • A little-known loophole to Buy & Sell “Unregistered” firearms in all 50 states…This is a loophole gun grabbers desperately want closed!
  • How to Have Complete Ammo Independence No Matter What Kind of Shortages We face in the Future!
  • 21 Places Around Your Home to Hide Your Guns and Ammo so Invaders Can’t Find Them… Plus 6 Places to NEVER Hide Your Firearms Unless You Want them to be Taken!

Plus Much, Much More Valuable Firearms Survival Tips, Loopholes and Information!

Remember, this FREE Book is only available at the link in this email and it will NEVER be sold in stores.

I urge you to grab your copy now before their supply runs out!

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